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Local Hotel Owners File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Court documents received by KSST News show the local company of Hahn Hotels of Sulphur Springs, LLC has filed for bankruptcy protection (Chapter 11) in the Eastern District of Texas Court located in Sherman.  Hahn Hotels of Sulphur Springs is named as the owner and operator of the local La Quinta hotel located at 1344 Eaton Dr in Sulphur Springs, Texas.   Five other Longview companies listing the same local (Sulphur Springs) mailing address filed bankruptcy at the same time using the “complex” bankruptcy rules which generally involves a larger numbers of parties involved or debts in excess of $10 million.

All of the included companies list a recently opened local P.O. Box on Gilmer St, which is not their actual business office location.  The other companies involved in this bankruptcy are: Sleep Inn Property, LLC, Hahn Investments, LLC, SI of Longview, LLC, Hahn Hotels, LLC, and Copeland’s of Longview, LLC.    Most of the companies involved own property, apartments and hotels in the Longview area.  A records check in Gregg County shows most of those properties listed a P.O. Box in Judson, TX as their previous mailing address.

The parent company, Hahn Investments, LLC was formed in 1999 and lists Dante Hahn and Melissa Hahn as its directors.  The local La Quinta in Sulphur Springs has retained it’s same staff during the bankruptcy announcement, and staff at the local property report that “everything is business as usual.”

Author: Chad Young

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