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SSISD Elementary Academic UIL Competition Results

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SSISD’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students participated in an Elementary Academic UIL competition on Saturday, March 4th, 2017. The contest was hosted by Parkway Elementary School in Longview, Texas. The team was represented by 115 students, 33 coaches, and five campus coordinators. Students competed in 27 events ranging from number sense to storytelling. The SSISD team earned first place standing overall defeating both Pine Tree ISD and Hallsville ISD.

Results for 2nd grade:

Music Memory

Tray Smith-1st

Kaylie Resendiz-6th

Music Memory Team

Aylaen Burell, Kaylie Resendiz, Addyson Nickerson, Sicily Potter, Tray Smith, Madysen Gilbert – 1st

Creative Writing

Samantha Rogers-2nd

Jessica Reed-4th

Kylie Vaughn-6th

Chess Puzzle

Colton Isonhood & Uriah Lee-3rd (tied)

Chess Puzzle Team

Adrian Salas, Colton Isonhood, Eric Li,Uriah Lee-1st

Story Telling

Savanna Darrow-2nd

Keely Mont-3rd

Results for 3rd grade:

Music Memory

Cason Wells & Nathan Bilyeu-2nd (tied)

Julia Garcia-Ricker-4th

Music Memory Team

Cason Wells, Sarah Wallis, Cara Batterton, Ava Jones, Julia Garcia-Ricker, Nathan Bilyeu-1st

Ready Writing

Claire Monk-2nd

Cara Batterton-3rd

Amerson Boles-4th

Chess Puzzle

Nathan Bilyeu-4th

Chess Puzzle Team

Nathan Bilyeu, luke White, Amber Elliot, Isaac Stanley-2nd


Brooks Burgin-2nd

Gage Gideon-3rd

Sam Sheffield-5th

Abigail Bautista-6th

Spelling Team

Brooks Burgin, Gage Gideon, Sam Sheffield, Abigail Bautista-1st

Story Telling

Rachel Law-1st

Lilly Bankston-4th

Results for 4th grade

Music Memory

Gavin Sills-1st

Graham Mayo-2nd

Braylen Savage-3rd

Alexis Nickerson-5th

Ty Holt-6th

Music Memory Team

Gavin Sills, Graham Mayo, Braylen Savage, Alexis Nickerson, Ty Holy, Jayden McDonald-1st


Andrew Richey-2nd

Justin Debase-4th

Spelling Team

Andrew Richey, Justin Debase, Keelie Phillips, Aspen Mayhew-2nd


Ty Holt,-1st

Laney Bankston-2nd

Sadie Barnett-3rd

Jacquelina Banda-4th

Justin Wilson-6th

Art Team

Ty Holt, LAney Bankston, Sadie Barnett, Jacquelina banda, Justin Wilson, Autumn Horton-1st

Number Sense

Barrett Thesing-4th

Number Sense Team

Cristobal Torres, Giovsnni Hernandez, Aspen Mayhew, Barreyy Thesing-3rd

Chess Puzzle

Barrett Thesing-2nd

Brody Emmert-3rd

Chess Puzzle Team

Brody Emmert, Barrett Thesing, Levi Barnes, Gage Williams-1st

Ready Writing

Alexis Villarino-1st

Reese Malone-2nd

Mackenzie Posey-6th

Oral Reading

Madeleine Posey-5th

Results for 5th grade:


Kylah Latham-2nd

Juan Santacruz-5th

Jacie Harrington-6th

Art Team

Kylah Latham, Maddie Bailey, Madison Sperry, Tomi Pirtle, Jacie Harrington, Juan Santacruz-2nd


Kate Monk-1st

Camilia Hidalgo-3rd

Listening Team

Kate Monk, Joselin Garcia, Camilia Hidalgo, Laura Batista-2nd

Dictionary Skills Team

Daphne Vales, Katie Henderson, Tomi Pirtle, Jolie Sweat-3rd

Chess Puzzle 

Ethan Roach-2nd

Tyler Lee-6th

Chess Puzzle Team

Ethan Roach, Tyler Lee, Matthew Archer, Michael Voyles-2nd

Number Sense

Angel Mills-6th

Number Sense Team

Angel Mills, Tracey Shackleford, Jacquie Monroy, Loga McCain-3rd

Music Memory

Cohen Elliot-1st

Mary Taylor-2nd

Emerson Penny-4th

Ian Mallard-5th

Music Memory Team

Cohen Elliot, Mary Taylor, Emerson Penny, Ian Mallard-1st

Oral Reading

Austin Chaney-1st

Carter Charleton-2nd

Annalissa Tanton-4th

Dylan Shumate-5th

Maps, Graphs, and Charts

Coen Bell-1st

Landon Burkett-6th

Maps, Graphs, Charts Team

Coen Bell, Jayden Arledge, Alec Wright, Landon Burkett-2nd


Kami White-3rd

Caroline Prickette-4th

Juan Garcia-6th

Spelling Team

Kami White, Caroline Prickette, Juan Garcia, Ty Robinson-1st

Ready Writing

Maddie Sprague-4th

Social Studies

Garret Robinson-5th

Coen Bell-6th

Social Studies Team

Caroline Prickette, Caitlin Libby, Garrettt Robinson, Coen Bell-2nd



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