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Swipe Back at Traffic

Moving Day

The Darth Vader of  lunch hours… traffic delays steal from us each time we leave the home. Time spent in the car does not need be wasted.  Some drivers attempt to remove ear wax, brush hair, trim nose hair, or simply conduct business conferences.   Who hasn’t experienced the dreaded ‘front seat arm’ flailing back to subdue rowdy children. Obviously state law prohibits all distracted driving. What is a commuter to do?

I use the WAZE app. And WAZE uses you. WAZE is more than just a point to point navigation app, if you give it permission, it uploads your telemetry to their servers. In real time WAZE can automatically adjust your route to bypass traffic delays.

The time saving is greater on longer drives, and the quality of the re-routing depends on the number of users in an area actually uploading data.

Another benefit is that changes to roads and detours (I-30 and Highway 19 for example…) are incorporated quickly into WAZE.  The servers constantly compare map data with user data, then adjust route planning accordingly.

The list of additional features is too long to list here.

Author: KSST Webmaster

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