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Animals of the Week: Lavern and Shirley

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Lavern and Shirley are a bonded pair similar to last week’s featured animals. Lavern is a Pit mix and Shirley is an Aussie mix. Both range in 1-3 years of age, have tested heart-worm negative, and are not yet spayed. They were found together at the Pilot station and brought to the Animal Shelter shortly after Christmas. Both dogs are energetic and love people, unable to stand still for more than one second unless there was something to sniff.

“Nobody’s claimed them; we thought the owner was out of town for the holidays,” Animal Shelter Officer Barbi Blanch said. “Both came in with collars and they were very friendly and they get along with other animals. We have been posting [on Facebook] and everybody shares all of the Shelter posts.”

Both animals have been at the Shelter long enough to no longer be considered strays and are now up for adoption. Shirley is unique from other Animals of the Week since she is completely deaf. She was most likely born deaf as a result of reckless breeding, according to Shelter officers. Aussie breeds, if bred with certain other breeds, can be born deaf or blind, or in some cases, both. Since Shirley is deaf, Lavern acts as her ears on occasion and Shelter officers have had to take extra measures for her care.

“She just can’t hear you at all,” Officer Blanch said. “I walk up behind her and she doesn’t even know I’m there. I actually once opened the back door and she was curled up and apparently didn’t feel the wind on her fur, because [Lavern] ran in and the other was still all curled up. She was snoozing hard, too, and I actually had to touch her to wake her up.”

There will be no off-site adoption this weekend, but the Shelter will be open on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Animal Shelter is happy to announce that all cats have been adopted out to new homes. Only dogs remain.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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