Animals of the Week: Daina and Paxton

Daina and Paxton are two dogs with a close bond. Daina is a female Beagle and Bull mix and is one and a half years old. Paxton is a pug and Chihuahua mix and is five years old.

“The original owner was trying to re-home them.¬†She had to vacate the home that they were at and, we believe, the people there had just dropped them off at another street,” Animal Shelter Officer Barbi Blanch said. “We ended up picking them up and we knew where the dogs since we found them over at the Lake Highland church.”

The two dogs have stayed together ever since they were found on November 10, making them the oldest animals in the Shelter. Paxton has seen Daina grown from a puppy until she towered over the little pug/chihuahua mix. The dynamic duo went together at the beginning of December to the foster home of Tasha Webb where they live with ten other foster animals.

“I love animals and I wanted to make sure they were okay,” Webb said. “I have a houseful, and they all get along well. They’re very sweet dogs, they’re calm and cool and don’t try to annoy other dogs or animals.”

Paxton and Daina are inseparable, sleeping and eating together. Webb has even had to have one dog present while bathing the other so as to not cause distress between the two. Because of this, the Animal Shelter only wants to adopt them out together, since separating them has seen bad results in the past.

“At one time we did adopt Daina out and the man brought her back because she was chasing cats. During the time that Daina was gone, Paxton more or less moped. At times he really wouldn’t eat, he’d just lay there. Whenever she came back, it was like his whole life lit back up. He was a completely different dog.”

Both dogs have been presented together at off site adoptions and other events. Bonded pairs such as Paxton and Daina are always kept together at the Shelter, and are always adopted together as well.


Daina with Officer Annie DeWolfe (left) Paxton with Tasha Webb (right)

Author: Staff Reporter

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