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Student Council’s “Love Week” Successfull

Wall of Hearts

Throughout this week, the Sulphur Springs Student Council has had a Wall of Hearts just outside of the Conference Center on the SSHS campus. The project began Monday November 15, 2015 and is expected to go through to Friday November 20, 2015. The Wall of Hearts has the names of ever student, teacher and staff member of the school and students can attach a sticky note to the heart anonymously with a compliment.

“We’ve been having a pretty rough semester student-wise,” Student Council Reporter Allison Bledsoe said. “There’s been a lot of conflict and we thought this would be a really great way to bring compassion and kindness to spread throughout the school rather than all the bad stuff that’s been happening.”

The Wall of Hearts has received overall positive reactions from the student body. The Student Council began preparations for the project several weeks in advance.

“We have eight officers in Student Council and six or seven of us spent several weeks getting the hearts cut out and we spent two to three weeks prior to this writing all of the names so that every student had a heart,” Bledsoe said. “The week before, we wrote out all of the pre-written sticky notes. Of course we let students start writing their own. It took us probably an hour and a half the Friday before it started just to put everything up.”

The Love Week project was expected to have a slow start, but it was quickly picked up by the student body. A large number of students can be seen putting notes of various hearts all throughout the day, and the project is expected to keep a steady pace through Friday.

“We thought it would have a really slow start and in our preparation I think that showed, but we’re really happy with the success its had,” Bledsoe said. “We’ve talked about doing this again next year and I hope that the Administration definitely lets us.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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