Miller Grove Lady Hornets Win State Cross Country; Hornets Place Second; Saltillo Lions and Lady Lions Seventh

Hornet2015-150x150CollinsSaltillo Lady Lion Siena Collins won the State 1-A Cross Country race in the girls’ division with a 12.52.18 time Saturday, November 7 in Round Rock. Hot on her heels were Ashley Puser and Aleigh Bessonett of Miller Grove. Miller Grove High School Lady Hornets won the state team title. For the Hornets of Miller Grove, it was a second place finish in the boys 1-A division.

Saltillo Lions and Lady Lions placed seventh in their individual divisions.LadyLions


Two Sulphur Bluff Bears also ran in the event.

Team standings:

Team – Cumby Miller Grove Lady HornetsFinish Position – 1
Team Score (places): 39Team Score (times): 1:10:29.45Ave Time:14:05.89
Bib NoNameYear O’All PlaceCum PlaceTimeCum TimeTime Back
11019Ashey Purser112213:39.1413:39.140:00.00
21016Aleigh Bessonett115713:56.1027:35.240:16.96
31021Cassidy Seaney971414:09.4241:44.660:30.28
41017Candace Earp11122614:20.7256:05.380:41.58
51020Rosa Schones91339 14:24.071:10:29.450:44.93
61018Keyleigh Lester11(28)(67)15:28.901:25:58.351:49.76
71022Alex Zeigler11(33)(100)15:33.131:41:31.481:53.99
Finish Position – 7  Saltillo Lady Lions
Team Score (places): 164Team Score (times): 1:15:36.56Ave Time:15:07.31
Bib NoNameYear O’All PlaceCum PlaceTimeCum TimeTime Back
11127Sienna Collins91112:52.1812:52.180:00.00
21126Brenda Castro118914:09.6027:01.781:17.42
31131Madison Simmons10253415:18.9542:20.732:26.77
41130Katy Perea12528616:08.2658:28.993:16.08
51125Paula Boekhorst1278164 17:07.571:15:36.564:15.39
61129Claire Jones12(82)(246)17:12.011:32:48.574:19.83
71128Ana Gallegos11(87)(333)17:34.241:50:22.814:42.06

For the Boys 1-A State Cross Country Finals:

Team – Cumby Miller Grove HornetsFinish Position – 2
Team Score (places): 35Team Score (times): 1:36:26.52Ave Time:19:17.30
Bib NoNameYear O’All PlaceCum PlaceTimeCum TimeTime Back
11184Albert Serrano102218:48.7918:48.790:00.00
21179Luke Brignon103519:04.9337:53.720:16.14
31181Brennan Green1251019:09.8157:03.530:21.02
41182Trey Lester12102019:32.501:16:36.030:43.71
51183Jake Pelerose111535 19:50.491:36:26.521:01.70
61180Grant Earp9(19)(54)19:57.131:56:23.651:08.34
71185Grant Sharp9(45)(99)21:20.222:17:43.872:31.43

Saltillo State0

Team – Saltillo  LionsFinish Position – 7
Team Score (places): 209Team Score (times): 1:46:30.46Ave Time:21:18.09
Bib NoNameYear O’All PlaceCum PlaceTimeCum TimeTime Back
11286Adam Valenzuella11292920:47.5020:47.500:00.00
21280Lane Bench12326120:54.6941:42.190:07.19
31283Walker McGill10379821:05.371:02:47.560:17.87
41284Trevor Moore4814621:29.951:24:17.510:42.45
51282Branson McGill1063209 22:12.951:46:30.461:25.45
61285Hendrick Rios10(73)(282)22:43.562:09:14.021:56.06
71281Lyle Bench10(111)(393)28:22.392:37:36.417:34.89


Team – Sulphur Bluff BearsFinish Position – Inc.
Team Score (places): Inc.Team Score (times):
Bib NoNameYear O’All PlaceCum PlaceTimeCum TimeTime Back
11294Brennon Seymore10Less Than 522:12.7622:12.760:00.00
21295Turner South10Less Than 522:19.2344:31.990:06.47

Author: Staff Reporter

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