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Tira News By Jan Vaughn

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The Tira City Council meeting had to be rescheduled for June 9th, due to lack of a quorum for the June 2nd meeting. It will begin at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday at the Tira Community Center. The public is always welcome and encouraged to attend.

tira community center            Yvonne reports that she and her family had a “great weekend.” Dustin and Natalie Weir came for a visit on Friday and stayed until Monday. Dakota and Ashley Weir visited with them on Saturday and they took Wes bowling and went to eat Mexican food downtown. Dakota put up a new screen door for them. On Sunday Brenda Allen and Tessa and Autumn were there and the kids swam while Brenda and Yvonne visited and Dustin mowed the lawn.

Morgan Joslin celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, June 2nd. He and his mother, Tiffany, went to Mount Pleasant and had dinner with friends. Following the meal, Morgan went for a night, cross-country flight to Shreveport with his instructor, Jack Kubit. Tiffany went along for the ride. Kenden and Jaidyn, Morgan’s siblings, spent the night with Chip and me.

Rylan, Brailon, and Slaiden Joslin’s sister, Dixie, visited with them and Landon and Laiken from Monday through Thursday. She had been visiting her grandparents in Winnsboro and will be returning to her home in Beaumont soon.

I always need and appreciate input from my friends to help keep me informed of news in our community. If you have any news pertaining to Tira residents, past or present, please contact me, Jan Vaughn, at 903-945-2190 or 903-438-6688 or [email protected].

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