SSISD School Board Hires 12, Approves 6 Personnel Changes, Accepts 4 Resignations


In other business at the Sulphur Springs School Board Meeting Monday night, after a discussion in executive session the board voted to postpone awarding contracts until a later time for the Civic Center Auditorium renovation project. Assistant Superintendent Randy Reed reported that July 9 is a significant date. Any resignations after that date don’t have to be accepted by the School Board because July 9 is 45 days before the start of school. In personnel matters, the board approved one summer contract, accepted four resignations, firmed up 12 new hires and approved six personnel changes.


Summer Contract- due to mid-term hire date:  Hannah Carrington, 2nd Grade, Travis


Jennifer Raulston-Galvin             Ed. Diagnostician                                          Dist-Wide

Ana Ramirez                                     Bilingual/ESL Director                               Dist-Wide

Misty Brock                                        SpEd Teacher                                               SS Elementary

Jordan Cruz                                      PE Aide                                                            Douglas


New Personnel:

Johnnie Freeman                            Ed. Diagnostician                                           Susan Johnston

Andrea Rodriguez                           Title I Aide                                                       ECLC

Carrie Cherney                                SpEd Self-Contained Teacher                       Bowie

Tandee Moody                                 SpEd Resource  Teacher                               SS Elementary

Ryann Cathey Sachs                     Title I Aide                                                         SS Elementary

Sarah Blazier                                    SpEd Aide                                                        Douglas

Melissa Johnson                              Grade 5 Teacher                                              Douglas

Kristin McKinney                             Grade 5 Teacher                                             Douglas

Anthony Henry                                 PE Teacher/Coach                                         Middle School

Tarvaris Abron                                  Campus Police Officer                                   High School

Alec Bryant                                       Technology Teacher/Coach                         High School

Christa Neal                                      SpEd Teacher                                                 High School

Personnel Changes:                        New position/campus                                  Former position/campus


Ana Aguilar                                      Bilingual/ESL Director/Dist-Wide             Bilingual Kindergarten/ECLC

Joanna Foster                                  Literacy Support/ECLC                                  Grade 3/SS Elementary

Amanda Fenton                               Academic Specialist/Lamar                           Literacy Support/Lamar

Cheryl Vickery                                  SpEd Aide/SS Elementary                            SpEd Instructional Aide/Dist-Wide

Jennifer Carter                                 Health,Science&Technology/High School               Nurse/High School

Cameron Warren                             PE,Health & Coach/High School                PE & Coach/Middle School


Author: Staff Reporter

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