City Seeks Grant for Market

The city of Sulphur Springs is seeking $99,900 in grant funds from the USDA to improve the cities Farmers markets. City Director of Community Development Shane Shepard says approximately 75-percent of the grant moneys will be used to promote the market and near 25-percent will be used for entertainment at the market. A small amount of the grant will be used to train the venders in how to better display their products and how to sell the specific product.

Direct mail to residents of Hopkins County will promote the market locally. Shepard is hoping to gain more farm produce vendors as well as attracting more to purchase goods. Shepard says he is amazed that there are people in the area that are unaware of the market and the activities associated with the market.

Around 500 communities have applied for the grant. Shepard said the city would be informed as to the result of their application in September of this year.

Author: Staff Reporter

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