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Rabies Report, 2015 First Quarter

As of March 31, 2015 The Texas Department of Public Health has investigated 17 potential cases of rabies. Fifteen animals were positive with 2 raccoons having test results re-turned as destroyed. Within the 35 counties Region 4/5N covers there was a total 138 animals tested consisting of horses, raccoons, skunks, dogs, cats, bats, cattle and foxes. So far this year we have a percent positive of 10.8% which is in line with our final of 11.3% for 2014.

We have dispensed rabies post-exposure prophylaxis to 4 individuals this year. Two persons were potentially exposed to a known rabid horse and another for a raccoon bite which could not be tested. One exposure occurred outside of the country from a dog bite in Bolivia, where canine rabies variant still exists.

We continue to encourage our veterinarians, Animal Control Officers and other personnel involved in the investigation of bite cases to send in specimens to the Austin laboratory. The surveillance efforts aid us in risk assessments for potential human and animal exposures. Thank you for your time and

As usual, do not hesitate to call or even stop by the new office with any questions you might have!

Zoonosis Control Region 4/5N

2521 W Front Street

Tyler, Texas 75702

903-533-5260 phone

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Rabies 2015

Author: Staff Reporter

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