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This and That for June 2024 From Master Gardener David Wall

June 18, 2024 – Bananas are great until they get overripe and turn mushy. To slow down ripening, wrap Saran Wrap around the crown to. Better, separate the bananas and wrap each one. Also, when the bananas are ripe, stick them in a refrigerator to greatly slow the overripening! Grass-fed beef only requires one days of eating grass. They can eat corn or other products the rest of their lives. Grass-finished beef means it had to eat grass for 80% of its life.

Shucking corn is always messy and a problem. To ease the process, cut off the base and put the ear, shuck and all, in your microwave for two minutes. Let it cool somewhat, and then stand it vertically grasping the hush and silk. Now, lift the husk and silk right off the ear.

You just realized you’ve got room for a couple more tomato plants? Pick a leader stem from an existing tomato plant that’s at least a foot long. Cut it off, trim all the leaves except the uppermost, and plant it (hopefully deep!). It may look like a failure for a week or more, but it should come back and provide produce in the early fall.

Fire ants aerate soil and do little to no damage. If you can’t stand them, spread non-toxic diatomaceous earth or dried molasses on and around the mound. They’ll leave. Milk will last longer if you keep it in the back of the refrigerator. Temps are colder and more consistent

Hang an overripe banana in your garden to attract beneficial insects (bees, butterflies, ladybugs & other predatory insects + hummingbirds) and repel non-beneficials (aphids & gnats). A

Wive’s tale that works. Pennies are made from copper, which is a natural fungicide. Try planting a couple around each plant in the garden to protect them.

Corn field (Photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash)

Author: Matt Janson

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