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The Big Move in Progress

May 9, 2024 – The colossal task of moving the furniture, supplies and personnel from the old Senior Center to the brand new Senior Citizen Activity Center has began.

City Employees with furniture dollies were hard at work Thursday morning and director Dawna Prior was directing traffic. There was an exercise class going on, and volunteers from Meal-A-Day were prepping food for future meals. It was a busy place.

There is a soft date for events to begin at the new building, June 1st. Meal-A-Day will not yet be cooking in the new building on that date. Meal-A-Day is a separate entity from the Senior Center. One issue is that the newly installed walk-in freezer and refrigerators are not quite working as they should. Additionally, racks will need to be assembled and setup in the dry storage area. And because MAD partners with the North Texas Food Bank, the facility needs to be inspected by the food bank, before food can be stored there. Once approved, only then can MAD start their move.

The MAD menu in the next few weeks might seem a little chaotic. MAD is working to minimize the amount of food that needs to be moved to the new building. For example there will be a few soup days, even though it’s not really soup weather.

If you would like to see if you qualify for the $2 delivered meal, contact Meal-A-Day at 903 885 1661.

Meal-A-Day volunteer cooks working at the Senior Center
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