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Assassin Bugs: A Texas Bug Killer

May 24, 2024 – Assassin Bugs are already out in force this spring. They are positioning themselves amongst our garden plants, and doing what they do best. They kill other bugs.

Assassin bug Subfamily Harpactorinae grasping a japanese beetle. Plant is a Fig Tree.

Assassin bugs are classified as beneficial insects. They prey on a variety of other insects and their eggs. They are susceptible to common pesticides.

Assassin bug Subfamily Harpactorinae in a defensive stance. They will ‘bite’ humans if corned or provoked. Do not attempt to pet. Best to just let them be.

Large specimens should be handled with caution, if at all, because they sometimes defend themselves with a very painful stab from the proboscis.

Assassin bug Subfamily Harpactorinae lurking in a corn plant.

Author: KSST Webmaster

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