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Plant Marigolds With Tomato Plants From Master Gardener David Wall

April 14, 2024 – When it comes to growing tomatoes, one of the best ways to use the power of companion planting to help grow a bigger and better harvest is to plant marigolds with or near your tomato plants. Marigolds add color to a vegetable garden, and their fragrant foliage and colorful blooms help protect tomato plants from pests, while simultaneously attracting beneficial insects! Many old-time gardeners used to ring their entire garden with them to help protect their crops. It is a practice that many all-natural modern backyard gardeners are beginning to use once again.

Marigolds are easy and cheap to plant. They germinate and grow fast. Because of that, they can be planted from seed at a huge cost savings to gardeners. Even better, you can save their seeds quite easily from year to year.

Marigolds Help To Repel Pests That Love Tomato Plants, such as aphids and whiteflies. Aphids carry disease to your plants as well as destruction of the plant itself. Large numbers of aphids can cause the plant foliage to brown and curl. Planting marigolds on the edges of a raised bed can bring in pollinators, as well as keep away pests. All at the same time! Whiteflies also bring diseases and leave behind a sticky gel on tomato plants that can cause black mold. These pests stunt growth and reduce fruit production. Since, however, they can’t stand the marigold odor, they stay away. As added benefits, marigolds repel both tomato hornworms ad mosquitos, while attracting ladybugs and paper wasps.

All marigolds repel to a certain extent, but French marigolds seem to work much better than African, signet or triplet. Marigolds should be at the top of your list for companion plants. At end of season, cut off some blooms and break open to get next year’s seeds!


Author: Matt Janson

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