Ham Scramble is Coming Once Again

April 18, 2024 – Ham Scramble is coming soon to Celebration Plaza. For those not in the know, Ham Scramble is a huge game of musical chairs. You can buy tickets at the event on Sunday April 21, 2024.

How It All Works

Ticketed participants bring their own lawn chair form a line around the Flagpole. The game is played by rounds. The first few rounds are $5 prizes, which means that when the music stops if you don’t have a chair, then you are out and you get to go and pick a prize of a $5 value. An example might be free sno cone or gift cards, etc. The rounds keep going with increasing prize values ($10, $20, $50, up to several hundred dollars). The game ends when there are no chairs left.

Prizes and money are generously donated by local businesses and help support the Sulphur Springs ISD GT Program. There will also be drinks and snacks available for purchase during the event.

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