Sulphur Springs City Manager’s Report – March 2024

March 7, 2024 – The following report was presented Tuesday to the Sulphur Springs City Council by City Manager Marc Maxwell.

CLAIMS – We did not have any liability claims in February. We had one minor worker’s compensation claim.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN – We have applied for a $250,000 grant from the General Land Office to perform the plan. I had previously reported that we should know before this council meeting whether we got the grant. The General Land Office requested a few minor clarifications from us, and we responded last week. I like our chances on this one! We should know soon.

SENIOR CITIZENS CENTER – They are painting and installing flooring now. The contractor still says he will be done by March 31st. We shall see.

COLLEGE STREET – The Como/College intersection has been poured so that we can restore circulation to Como Street. The Capital Construction Division will tie-in the intersection to Como Street and College Street (eastward) next week. We will then open the 3-way intersection. The contractor has already begun working westward toward Rookson Street. At the present rate, the project should be finished by June.

HOLIDAY DRIVE – Capital Construction Division crews have nearly finished installing the water main. I expect them to begin installing the sewer main next week. This is a complete reconstruction project, like College Street.

WATER FILTER REHABILITATION – This $3.2 million project will rehabilitate all 6 filters at the water treatment plant. Work is completed on filters 2, 3 and 4. Filters 1, 5 and 6 remain to be rehabilitated.

STREET IMPROVEMENT PLAN (SIP) – Following is a proposed list of streets to be repaved in the 2024 Street Improvement Program. The list is not yet finalized, The list may shrink or grow depending on how the asphalt bids come in. We will send the bid packets out on March 15 and open bids on April 12th.

LeagueAsphalt Repairs1000
LeagueConnally to KCS Rail1200
W.A.MLK to end2223
CranfordRobertson to Beasley1287
S. MooreBellview to Tate449
OakGilmer to College3446
PollardMulberry to end211
N. DavisGlover to Airport Rd.1728
KirtleyBellview to Nicholson412
NinthWoodlawn to VanSickle845
CarterBill Bradford to Whitworth2000
HendersonCraig to League449
MelonyAzalea to end1215
JenningsJefferson to College929
BeckworthWhitworth to College690
SharonW. Industrial to W. Pampa803
SpenceLemon to Carter639
WeaverJackson to Teer2877
ShookWeaver to Jefferson536
JacobsHouston to Bonner848

REVENUES AND EXPENDITURES – Finance Director Lesa Smith will present the usual report of revenues and expenditures.

Elsewhere around the city, employees:

  • Installed new gate at Coleman Park.
  • Replaced flagpole at Grays Building.
  • Replaced light bulbs on Hopkins County Veterans Memorial.
  • Turned the waterfalls on at the Hopkins County Veterans Memorial.
  • Installed Cameras at Coleman Park.
  • Hauled 793 tons of sludge to the landfill.
  • Treated wastewater effluent to a daily average total suspended solids reading of
    0.39 mg/L.
  • Repaired 16 water main ruptures.
  • Replaced 25 water meters.
  • Unstopped 30 water mains.
  • Repaired 6 sewer mains.
  • Flushed 37 dead-end water mains.
  • Operated water pumps at Cooper Lake on generator once due to a power outage.
  • Repaired instrumentation on Coleman water tower.
  • Checked out 3,611 items from the library plus 876 eBooks.
  • Conducted 41 building inspections, 24 electrical inspections, 8 plumbing
    inspections and 3 mechanical inspections.
  • Issued 21 building permits and 31 trade permits.
  • Sold 2,457 gallons of AvGas and 5,735 gallons of JetA fuel.
  • Accommodated 1,001 operations at the airport.
  • Began preparing downtown for the busy season.
  • Held 53 activities for seniors at the senior citizen center.
  • Rented the Grays Building 18 times.
  • Made several repairs to Kids Kingdom.
  • Painted concession stands at Buford Park.
  • Responded to 226 calls for fire/rescue.
  • Responded to 1 structure fire and 13 grass fires.
  • Conducted 15 fire inspections.
  • Performed preventative maintenance on 76 fire hydrants.
  • Repaired 436 potholes.
  • Made 30 extensive street repairs following utility repairs.
  • Cleaned out storm catch basins twice.
  • Replaced 6 stop signs and 20 street signs.
  • Responded to 172 animal control calls, while achieving a 74% adoption rate.
  • Made 6 felony arrests in the Special Crimes Unit.
  • Responded to 30 accidents, issued 592 traffic citations, made 70 arrests, and
    recorded 49 offences in the Patrol Division.
  • Responded to 2,296 911 calls.

Author: Chad Young

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