Jennings Cruises Right Into Jail as Vacation Ends

March 30, 2024 – More details have emerged about the latest arrest of Everett Jennings. The ongoing investigation uncovered that Jennings may have tampered with his monitoring device and the last known location of the monitor was a cruise ship parking area in Galveston, Tx. Investigators located a car belonging to Jennings in the parking area near the cruise ship port. Investigators waited for the returning cruise ship and arrested Jennings once he ended his vacation. Several new charges were levied against Jennings as he was transported to the Galveston Jail. Bond was set at $2,250,000 across four charges.

The following press release was received by KSST News in relation to the ongoing investigation.

Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office first launched an investigation in early January in response to stolen luxury cars located in Hopkins County, Texas. During the initial investigation, an arrest warrant was obtained for the arrest of Everett Jennings. Mr. Jennings was later arrested on this warrant. Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office Investigators have been working diligently since the inception of the investigation.

Recently, Investigators have obtained additional evidence of witness tampering, online impersonation, additional stolen property, and a deeper understanding of the volume of property stolen, changing identification numbers, and then posting the items for sale online via at least one stolen identity. Investigators have learned Mr. Jennings has been in possession of this person’s credit cards and driver’s license. These identification and financial items were left in the individual residence when he was arrested. The individual was a tenant of Mr. Jennings at the time of his arrest and was never able to return to the property.

New evidence has resulted in several search warrants for local properties being issued and executed in the last few days at properties associated with Mr. Jennings. During these searches two stolen UTVs (side by sides) were found with swapped identification numbers, however, the true identity of the vehicles was discovered. These vehicles were confirmed stolen. Investigators found two trailers with altered identification numbers that were also identified and confirmed stolen. These items were stolen from around North Texas including from Sulphur Springs.

During the recent flurry of information and recoveries, the monitoring company of Mr. Jennings’s court-ordered GPS also reported getting numerous “back plate tamper” alerts from his GPS device. When they attempted to find its location they reported the last known location in the parking lot of a cruise ship terminal in Galveston, Texas. Hopkins County Investigators located a vehicle belonging to Mr. Jennings on Galveston Island parked in Port Authority Parking lots used for cruise ship passengers. This new information was presented to the appropriate court and they determined Mr. Jennings’s bond was insufficient and issued arrest warrants. Additionally, Texas Rangers sought and received an arrest warrant for tampering with a witness.

Mr. Jennings was arrested this morning in Galveston, Texas after returning to the port on a cruise ship. He is currently being held in Galveston County Jail. This investigation is ongoing.

Author: Chad Young

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