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Hopkins County Records – March 2024

Daily Instrument Register For 3/4/24 Thru 3/6/24

  • Daniel Bryce Kent II and Dorothy Lynne Kent to Snow Day Investments LLC; Tract in the Elisha Lindley Survey
  • Roger Wright to Anthony Property Investments LLC; Tract in the E Melton Survey
  • Clint Williams and Cydney Williams to Henrry Armondo Molina Rivera; Tract in the Levi Midgett Survey
  • Jennifer Armstrong and Shawn D Armstrong to Darren Renshaw; Tract in the Jason Clark Survey
  • Coy Johnson to Jose Castellanos and Agustina Suarez; Tract in the Lots 3 4 & 5 Peerless Addition Survey
  • Coy Johnson to Isaac Suarez; Tract in the Lot 2 Peerless Addition Survey
  • Coy Johnson to Desiree Cain; Tract in the Lot 15 Peerless Addition Survey
  • Cassie Nicole Fleming and Journey Properties LLC to Sofia Romero-Maruri; Tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin Survey
  • Chelsea L Vanicek to Ashley Annette Gowin and Michael Eugene Gowin; Tract in the M A Bowlin Survey
  • Roger Wright to Preston Gale; Tract in the Elizabeth Melton Survey
  • Angelina Pacheco and Jose Romero Pacheco to David Joshua Moreno and Joseph Israel Moreno; Tract in the Lot 20 Block 46 J C Jackson Addeition Survey
  • Jeff Redding to Eliberto Ibarra and Rosa Cisneros Ibarra; Tract in the Jose YBarbo Survey
  • John Wilbur and Stacie Wilbur to Bryan McKinstry and Kimberly McKinstry; Tract in the Michael C Garroutte Survey
  • Bryan Brunson to Kendra Rae Daniel and Slade Prock Daniel; Tract in the E Voss Survey
  • Clinton Joe Beachum to Clinlinta Beachum; Tract in the Z Watson Survey
  • Christopher Clayton and Curtrena Clayton to Allie Wren and Micheal Wren; Tract in the Thomas Norris Survey
  • Carol Glenn and Tommy Mack Glenn to Michael Jerome Craddock and Ramona H Craddock; Tract in the Nacogdoches Univ Survey
  • Kurt Willis and Melissa Brooke Willis to Jerry Viveros Salguero; Tract in the WM G Chester Survey
  • Sheriee Hurst to Syrus Hurst; Tract in the Norris Finley Survey

Daily Instrument Register For 3/7/24 Thru 3/8/24

  • Debbra Ann Flanary and Terry Wayne Flanary to Debra D Lanham and Jimmy R Lanham; Tract in the Hayden Arnold Survey
  • James McLemore and Melinda McLemore to Cody James Raleigh; Tract in the Ira Stephenson Survey
  • Carolyn Jo McLemore and Kenneth Dean McLemore to Barbara Edina Molnar and Istvan Molnar; Tract in the Jasper County School Land Survey
  • Brittany Nicole Floyd and Christopher Higginbotham to Mary Patterson and Ryan Patterson; Tract in the M Ballanova Survey

Report of Marriage Documents for Hopkins County 3/1/24 Thru 3/7/24

  • Daon DeFonzd Pipkins and Doykeithia Lar Thomlinson
  • Roy Pena and Lacie Nicole Pierce
  • Jesus Castro and Hailey Dawn Fowler
  • Pina Juan Jose Franco and Castillo Alejandra Molina

Report of Marriage Documents for Hopkins County 3/8/24 Thru 3/14/24

  • Octavio Muro and Ortega Paola Sara Vazquez
  • Steven Elliott Jonaitis I and Kortni Louise Ferrell
  • Tomas Livan Tellez and Ana Margarita Gallegos
  • Nathaniel Aaron Mingo and Elvria Dial

Report of Marriage Documents for Hopkins County 3/15/24 Thru 3/21/24

  • Flores Saul Peralta and Palacios Elizabeth Rocha
  • James Lorman Pool and Shelly Brown Mims
  • Dinh Huan Vu and Tram Tran Pham
  • Brontavius Omar Davis and Rocio Diaz
  • Denver Lance Tinney and Molly Cne Vaughn
  • Aceituno Marcos A Banegas and Aguilar Delia D Rodriguez
  • Willard Seth Levy and Hope Nicole Dixon
  • Pete Dumond Sutton and Reymer Kathleen J Sanchez
  • Corey Glenn Brown and Melissa Ann Tawil

Report of Marriage Documents for Hopkins County 3/22/24 Thru 3/27/24

  • Brandon Lee Basel and Idalou Katherine Fry
  • Bolanos J Jesus Macias and Dulce Lizbeth Rocha
  • Noah Michael Covington and Allison Wynell Moore
  • Travis Michael Westbrook and Felicia Nicole Biggs
  • Steven John DuBois and Keatin Elizabeth Black
  • Almanza Erick Roge Juarez and Carla Mar Regalado-Torres

Author: Matt Janson

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