Interesting Facts for February From Master Gardener David Wall

February 25, 2024 – While most people avoid them, watermelon seeds are rich is proteins, vitamins, omega 3, zinc, fatty acids, and so on! Blue whale hearts weigh nearly a ton and only need to beat once every 10 seconds. Sunlight converts cholesterol in our skin to vitamin D3. Eating kiwi fruit reduces eye problems and increases eyesight. China is constructing the world’s first forest city where all buildings are covered by a million plants to tackle global warming and air pollution. Humans are the only creatures that will cut down a tree, turn it into paper, and then write: “Save the trees” on it!

The total weight of ants is exceeds the total weight of humans on earth. An ant will survive a fall from any height, because its terminal velocity will never be high enough to kill it.

When flies land on your food, they spit on it – UGH! They cannot chew solid food, so they release digestive juices to turn your food into a predigested, slurpable soup. People who regularly consume spicy food tend to have higher tolerances for pain. Capsaicin in chili peppers triggers endorphin release, which can increase pain tolerance. 60% of plastic waste in oceans comes from China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Our military is the largest purchaser of explosives in the U.S. Disney world is second! Children who are hugged and cuddled grow up to be happier adults. Blowing out birthday candles can increase bacteria on the cake by 1,400%. If a shirt shrinks, put it in a bowl of ice water with one cup of hair conditioner. It will regain its size. Popcorn is by far the healthiest snack. It builds bone, muscles, tissue and is good for teeth if not flavored. 40% of Earth’s soils are already degraded, with 90%+ at risk by 2050?


Author: Matt Janson

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