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Big Changes Going on at CANHelp in Sulphur Springs

February 20, 2024 – If you are like me, you stop by CANHelp in Sulphur Springs at least once a week. It’s part of my routine. I find treasures, and I help people in Hopkins County at the same time. Win-Win.

You have probably noticed some big changes to the CANHelp building this month.

The new donation drive through has been added.

A new building has been added to improve the donation process. It provides the benefit of a drive though, and protects donations from the elements. It will also give CANHelp a better chance to prevent dumping of un-sellable items, and prevent theft of donations.

CANHelp has also added large signs around the donation area, giving details on what items are not accepted.

Dumping of soiled mattresses and other unsellable furniture has been a problem for CANHelp. Disposal of these items takes resources that should be used to help people in the community. Every change has been thoroughly thought out, and each is intended to help the Hopkins County population by making CANHelp more efficient.

What started out as a resource guide of available services in 2000 within Hopkins County, Hopkins County Community Action Network as we were originally known, has transformed into CANHelp — a non-profit organization, based in faith, whose mission is to provide assistance to individuals in the communities of Sulphur Springs and Hopkins County. CANHelp offers programs and training to those who want to become financially self-sufficient, various food and health items, and other basic needs to those experiencing crises, as well as information and referral services to those who call 2-1-1 Texas. CANHelp also houses a 10,000 square foot thrift store run by dedicated staff and volunteers. Every service CANHelp provides upholds our core values of people, faith, integrity, excellence, and partnerships. CANHelp and our staff are dedicated to their clients and the community. We strive to change lives in our communities and to help guide people toward self-sufficiency. CANHelp

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