Texas Youth Robotics Alliance Tournament Coming to Sulphur Springs This Saturday

November 29, 2023 – Sulphur Springs Middle School will be hosting the Texas Youth Robotics Alliance (TYRA) Kickoff Tournament at SSMS on Saturday, December 2nd. 

This tournament is using Peggy Reimers from TCEA’s ruleset, Hi, Bye, Pizza Pie! 

In this ruleset, teams of robotics students will form random alliances with other teams to run qualifying matches that score points based on manipulating objects autonomously and with driver control to complete specific objectives.  After they run 3 matches each, the top scoring teams are allowed to pick an ally to compete in a bracket, knock-out style tournament against each other, until we get a championship alliance!  We run 2 divisions, Intermediate and Advanced.  

Mr. Moreno’s Intro to STEM students at SSMS have been working hard to get their robots ready for this tournament, and we have teams from Clarksville, Mount Pleasant, Eustace, and Red Lick as well, with more registering all the time!


Author: Chad Young

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