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Agricultural Awareness for Children is Important by Mario Villarino

October 13, 2023 – Agricultural awareness for children is important for several reasons:

Understanding Food Sources: It helps children understand where their food comes from, fostering an appreciation for the effort that goes into producing it.

Environmental Awareness: It can teach kids about the environmental impact of agriculture and the importance of sustainable farming practices.

Healthy Eating: Agricultural awareness can promote healthy eating habits by connecting kids with fresh, locally grown produce.

Career Exploration: It exposes children to potential career paths in agriculture, from farming to food science.

Cultural and Historical Significance: Learning about agriculture can provide insights into the cultural and historical roots of a region.

Life Skills: Kids can learn practical skills related to gardening, farming, and food preparation.

Agricultural awareness can be promoted in children through activities like visits to farms, gardening projects, educational programs, and discussions about food sources and sustainability. With the goal of promoting agricultural awareness, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension planned and conducted an educational program at the Regional Civic Center October 7 and 8, 2023 hosting more than 800 4th grade school students from Rains ISD, Mt Vernon ISD, Sulphur Springs ISD, Como ISD, Saltillo ISD, Cumby ISD, North Hopkins ISD, Miller Grove ISD, and Cooper ISD. During two days 4th grade students got the opportunity to learn from My plate (Instructed by Lisa Sprague- County Agent FCH Hopkins County) Beef Cattle (Instructed by Micah Newton and Tracy Shackelford) Honey Bees (Instructed by Charlotte Wilson), Horse (Instructed by Mario Cox) Grains (Hopkins – Rains Farm Bureau) Livestock (Hopkins-Rains Farm Bureau) Goats (Instructor Kelli Ebel), 4-H youth involvement (Instructed by Sara Latham- County Agent FCH Rains County), and poultry (Instructed by Sarah Brod, County Extension Agent, Ag and NR, Franklin County) and Dairy Farming (Instructed by Aaron Sanders, South West Dairy Farmers).

Both days concluded with milk and icecream donated by the Dairy Museum in Sulphur Springs and two bicycles and teachers gift cards provided by Hopkins- Rains Farm Bureau.

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Author: Matt Janson

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