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Governor Abbott Orders Special Session for School Choice

September 21 – Gov. Greg Abbott stated his long-awaited special session on “school choice” will start in October while promising political consequences for lawmakers who stand in the way of his priority legislation.

Lawmakers have expected the special session to start in October for a while, but this is the most specific Abbott has been about the timing yet. And his blunt statements on the politics mark an escalation of pressure on Republicans in the Texas House who have been a roadblock to the proposal.

Abbott entered this year more determined than ever to pass “school choice,” a proposal to let parents use taxpayer dollars to take their children out of public school. The idea has long experienced resistance in the House, where a coalition of Democrats and rural Republicans have blocked it.

When the regular session ended, Abbott vowed to call multiple special sessions on unfinished business, including school choice. Divisions between the House and Senate have only enhanced since then.

Author: Matt Janson

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