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Tina Young Becomes the First African American Woman to Serve as Postmaster for Sulphur Springs Texas

August 21, 2023 – On Friday, August 18th, 2023, the community gathered in a courtroom in the Sulphur Springs City Hall to witness history. On this past Friday, Tina Young took the Oath Of Office as, not only Sulphur Springs’ 25th Postmaster, but also as the first African American Woman to hold the position.

Sulphur Springs City Manager, Marc Maxwell, served as Master of Ceremonies and guided the day’s special speakers. Invocation was conducted by Bobby Eubanks. The “Posting of Colors” was performed by the Sulphur Springs Color Guard of the VFW, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Speaking of special guests, Senior Ms Texas herself, Vender Wright, performed awesome renditions of the Star Spangled Banner and a song of dedication during the ceremony.

Sulphur Springs USPS Sales Service Associate Chris Miles stepped up and discussed positive notes about Sulphur Springs and Tina Young. Afterwards Sulphur Springs USPS Supervisor Sherry Vanicek stepped up to the mic and discussed the positivity Tina Young’s leadership has had on the USPS. She discussed briefly about the historic significance this assignment to Postmaster of Sulphur Springs will have. Next, Tina Young’s daughter, also a USPS employee, came to the mic to talk about her “Shera” and her influence on her life and those around her. She talked about how proud her and her sister were of Tina and congratulated her.

Sulphur Springs Mayor, John Sellers, took the mic to say some words, including talk about the history of City Hall, and how it used to be the Sulphur Springs Post Office. He ended his speech by presenting Postmaster Tina Young with a silver coin from the city of Sulphur Springs and the Mayor Council.

This was followed by a speech from Patrice Hendricks, the Worthy Matron, Naomi Star organization. She talked about how proud the organization was with Young and her accomplishments, and presented her with a congratulatory gift. Next, Marc Maxwell introduced Frederick Wilkerson with the Garland Legends Organization. Mr. Wilkerson talked about how proud his organization was with Tina Young and then he read what was stated on a plaque he presented to Tina Young after his presentation.

Postmaster of Carrolton, Texas, Darwin Adams was called to the podium to say a few words about Tina Young. He talked a little bit more about the history of what used to be the post office, City Hall. And then he talked more about her part in history being the first African American Woman to serve as Postmaster in Sulphur Springs.

Marc Maxwell then gathered Tina Young, her family, and the appropriate personal around the podium so Young could take the Oath of Office. After taking the Oath, Tina Young took the mic and talked about her family, her fellow post office employees, her future plans, and her ideas of how to handle issues that may arise. She thanked her Sulphur Springs USPS employees and their hard work and dedication to the job. She also thanked the members of the community that played their parts in helping her get to where she’s at today. Young said she could go on all day talking about all of those who have helped her get to this historic position.

The ceremony was concluded by kind words about Tina Young by Sulphur Springs City Manager Marc Maxwell. He talked about how things are coming together for major growth and improvement of the town of Sulphur Springs, and how Tina Young is an important part of these future plans. Amongst the speakers that stepped up and offered kind words, it was revealed that Tina Young was also offered another important job, but she turned it down for this significantly valuable opportunity in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Young’s friends and family also discussed her love for her family and how important her Christian beliefs and involvement are to her.

25th Sulphur Springs Postmaster Tina Young
25th Sulphur Springs Postmaster Tina Young

Author: Matt Janson

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