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Hopkins County Resident Indicted on Six Counts of Wire Fraud

Lewis Parsons is a self-described visionary and technological guru. Since descending on Hopkins County from Rockwall a couple of years ago, he has attempted to immerse himself into the fabric of all things Sulphur Springs and Hopkins County. From living in a loft apartment on Main street, to occupying the “Lowry Mansion” on I-30 in Saltillo. His list of business ventures and connections go on and on, but those connections and achievements generally only come from Parsons himself. The fact-checking of some of his accomplishments finally came to a head recently when the federal authorities got involved.

George Lewis Parsons Jr. was indicted by a grand jury and those charges were filed July 12, 2023 in The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas Sherman Division. The indictment highlights a scheme allegedly devised by Parsons to defraud investors as Parsons convinced investors to invest in companies owned by Parsons that the federal government has determined no viable company actually exists. The federal indictment alleges that Parsons diverted those funds to “support his lavish lifestyle, including the purchase of several vehicles, real estate, furniture, firearms, jewelry, and a hot tub, among other things of value.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation uncovered several wire transfers from potential investors to accounts owned or controlled by Parsons. Each of these wire transfers constitute a seperate charge of wire fraud. The amounts of each wire transfer range from $50,000 to $2,250,000, with the total of the six wire transfers listed in the indictment standing at $3 million.

  • George Lewis Parsons was arrested on July 20, 2023 in Hopkins County and released the next day. According to the Eastern District Court of Texas a Pre-Trial Order was placed in the record on July 21, 2023 listing the upcoming dates as signed by Magistrate Judge Aileen Goldman Durrett.
  • Plea Agreement Due by 4:00pm on 8/14/2023
  • Final Pre-Trial Conference set for 9/5/2023 at 9:00am in Courtroom 105 (Plano) before District Judge Sean D. Jordan

Lewis Parsons lists his current occupation via Linkedin as “Founder – President – CEO” of a company called Broadcast Your Vision LLC in Rockwall, TX. The description of that company, also from Linkedin, is as follows: BCYV has developed a complete solution that allows enterprise level companies the ability to streamline their expansion, growth, and connect with their clients. Many companies will get to a point where the discussion revolves around how to build, engineer, and release an effective way to connect satellite locations, sales teams, support teams, and bring consistency to marketing channels. Parsons also lists on his Linkedin page under Education: North Mesquite, Vocational Education – Master of Taxidermy. His Linkedin profile can be found here: Lewis Parsons – Linkedin

The indictment filed July 12, 2023 also lists several assests including bank accounts, vehicles and other property that the federal government is attempting to seize or has already seized.

As with any indictment, the accused is innocent until proven guilty. Authorities from local agencies as well as federal agencies urges anyone that believes they may have been the victim of an investment scheme or any type of fraud should contact law enforcement. The Dallas office of the FBI can be reached at 972-559-5000 or you can contact them online: For local help the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office can be reached at: 903-438-4040.

Author: Chad Young

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