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Summer In Texas To Be One Of The Most Extreme Yet

An unrelenting stretch of blistering days amid an ongoing heat wave has put this summer on track to be one of Texas’ most extreme, weather data shows.

In June, a sample of 38 weather stations across the state recorded a temperature at or above 100 degrees 250 times. The average temperature for June was 82.2 degrees, which was 2.6 degrees above the 20th century average, according to data provided by the state climatologist.

Still, this summer has yet to exceed last summer’s historic heat. Last year was Texas’ second-hottest summer on record, by average temperature. Climate change, combined with a severe drought and La Niña weather pattern made for hot days and nights. Much of the state got enough rain earlier this year that reduced or eliminated drought conditions across the state and provided some cooling.

This year, an El Niño pattern has developed, meaning higher-than-average surface sea temperatures. In Texas, an El Niño pattern usually brings more moisture and a cooling effect with it. However, the length and duration of the heat wave this year has dominated the weather pattern instead.

Should the heat continue several parts of Texas will break their all time heat record.

Author: Ethan Klein

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