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Sulphur Springs ISD: 18 Resignations, 29 New Personnel And 24 Personnel Changes


Bloodgood, Barbara was Aide at Austin
Bohman, Carrie was Geometry at High School
Bost, Kellie was Grade 1 Teacher at Bowie
Bramblett, Kenzie-Lou was Math Co-Teach at High School
Carns, Emily was Special Ed Aide at SSHS
Crawford, Dara was SPED Aide at Bush
Evans, Jason was Director State & Federal Programs at Admin
Gallo, Luciano was SPED Aide at SSMS
Lair, Tandee was SPED Teacher at Bowie
Moore, Lena was Grade 2 at RJP
Perez, Victorino was Inst. Aide at SSES
Potts, Nancy was Head Start Teacher at Douglass
Rivera, Claudia was Grade 3 Teacher at Travis
Shaver, Brandon was Boys Basketball/PE at SSHS
Taylor, Cyndi was Grade 3 at Bush
Tubb, Rachel was Grade 4 ELAR/SS at SSES
Werry, Skyler was Math Co-Teach at SSMS
Willey, Heather was Title 1 Aide at SSES

New Personnel

Bedell, Melodi to Grade 7 ELAR/Coach at SSMS replacing Saylor Barrios/Jill Crump
Bengston, Marisela to SPED Aide at Johnson replacing Taylor Rouleau
Bloodgood, Barbara to Title 1 Aide at Bowie replacing Brittney Jones
Cardenas, San Juanita to Title 1 Aide at SSES replacing Heather Willey
Crawford, Jonathan to Auto/Construction (SDTP) at SSHS replacing Lou Gebel
Earp, Cannon to PE/Head Boys Basketball at SSHS replacing Brandon Shaver
Earp, Samantha to Counselor SSHS replacing Jamie Ladd
Foster, Taylor to Grade 3 ELAR at Bush replacing Nerli Mejia
Gillham, Barbara to SPED Resource at Bowie replacing Tandee Lair
Herfel, Heather to Culinary Arts at SSHS replacing Joel Skipper
Hill, Kiersta to Campus Secretary at Middle School replacing Sara Brown
Ivery, Rashid to PE/Coach (DOI) at Middle School replacing Coy Rozell
King, Carrie to SPED Aide at SSHS replacing Jessica Phillips
Lair, Tandee to SPED Self-Contained at Bowie for New Position
Morris, Ariel to Grade 3 Math at Bush replacing Dalia Torres
Page, Rachel to Grade 3 Reading at Bowie replacing Chasity Hebert
Plumlee, Christina to SPED Aide at Johnson Primary for New Position
Portillo, Jasmine to Special Programs Secretary at Middle School for New Position
Postlethwait, jinjer to SPED Teacher at Johnson Primary for New Position
Reeves, Sierra to Title 1 Aide at Johnson replacing Pam Hooten
Saucier, Regina to SPED Teacher at Middle School for New Position
Schroeder, Jaidyn to Title 1 Aide at Bowie replacing Brian Giguere
Smith, Presley to Grade 1 Teacher at Bush replacing Kellie Bost
Speed, Harley to Academic Secretary at Bush replacing Jenna Vickery
Stone, Danette to Special Ed Aide at Johnson replacing Dara Crawford
Tifft, Misty to SPED Aide at SSMS replacing Angelica Walker
Timmons, Jurreka to Title 1 Aide at Johnson Primary replacing Kimber Combs
Vermillion, Janet to SPED Aide at SSES replacing Jamia Hall
Werry, Skylar to SPED Math Co-Teach at SSMS replacing Stephanie Phillips

Personnel Changes

Bain, Tanya former Grade 5 ELAR / SSES new position Grade 4 ELAR/SSES replacing Rachel Tubb

Bohannon, Kayla former Grade 2 Math / Bush new position Math Support /Bush replacing Jovona Schmidt

Chapman, Katy former Grade 1 Math /Bush new position Grade 2 / Bush replacing Swap w/Hannah Crowson

Cooper, Patricia former Behavior Interventionist/SSES new position Grade 2 / Johnson replacing Melinda Page

Crowson Hannah former Grade 2 ELAR / Bish new position Grade 1 / Bush replacing Swap w/Katy Chapman

Fisher Brandy former SPED Aide / SSHSSPED Co-Teach replacing Kristin McKinney

Geeslin Laura former SPED Aide/Douglass new position Head Start Aide/Douglass replacing Brayden Garrett

Hebert Chasity former Grade 3 ELAR / Bowie new position Grade 3 Math / Bowie replacing Kimberly Isonhood

Hooten Pam former Title 1 Aide/ Johnson new position SPED Aide/ Johnson for New Position Hunt

Jamilyn former Grade 2 Math/Johnson new position Grade 4 Math/SSES replacing Harlan Hill Isonhood

Kimberly former Grade 3 Math / Bowie new position Grade 5 ELAR / SSES replacing Tanya Bain

Mejia Nerli former Grade 3 ELAR / Bush new position Grade 2 / Bush replacing Kayla Bohannon

Miesse Allison former Behavior Intervention/SSES new position SPED Behavior/ Johnson for New Position

Miller Patricia former Grade 7 Math/SSMS new position Algebra 1/ SSHS replacing Kenzie Bramlett

Moore Lena former Grade 2/Johnson new position Grade 3 Math/Johnson replacing Kimberly Smith

Page Melinda former Grade 2 / Johnson new position Literacy Support / Johnson replacing Holly Thompson

Peters, Amy former SPED Resource/SSMS new position SPED Teacher/SSHS replacing Maria Garcia-Hidalgo

Phillips, Jessica former SPED Aide(1:1)/SSMS new position SPED Aide/SSMS replacing Nadia Orozco

Robinson, Nina former SPED Aide / Bush new position SPED Self-Contained/Bush replacing Kayla Jackson

Rouleau, Taylor former SPED Aide/Johnson new position Library Aide/ Johnson replacing Harley Kerby

Smith, Kimberly former Grade 3 Math/Johnson new position Grade 2/ Johnson replacing Lena Moore

Spencer Morgan former Head Start Aide/Douglass new position SPED Aide/Douglass replacing Bailey Early

Tingle Megan former CTE Graphic Design/SSHS new position Media Integration/SSHS replacing Mindy Meador

Williams, Josh former Principal/SSHS new position Grade 7 Math/SSMS replacing Alma Del Castillo

Author: Ethan Klein

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