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Members of the Board of Directors of the Old Saltillo Cemetery Association have been making plans for the 2023 Memorial Day Program/Annual Business Meeting. As tradition, the program will be held on the third Sunday, July 16th from 10:30 a.m. until 12:00 noon at the beautifully renovated and air-conditioned Old Saltillo United Methodist Church, located on 664 CR 3357, directly across the road from the cemetery. The program will begin with congregational singing led by Steve Conley and accompanied by pianist, Lisa Lowry. Rev. Dan Hoke will give the invocation. A patriotic recognition of the veterans will be led by Lucas Dennis with all of the youth in attendance assisting.

Greetings will be made by Lou Briley Daniel, followed by the Annual Business Meeting which consists of a report on the activities taken and work performed for the care of the cemetery during the past year. A financial report and the election of three members for three-year terms to the Board of Directors. Each year, a special memorial tribute to those interred in the Old Saltillo Cemetery in the preceding twelve months is conducted. Special music by will be presented by Steve Conley. This year, Kelli McAfee Traver, assisted by Ginny Agee Doyle will make the presentation to recognize the loved ones that have been interred in the Old Saltillo Cemetery this past year. Members of the family of each person buried in the cemetery during this past year are encouraged to attend and participate in the honoring of their loved ones.

The program this year will be a “Commemoration of the Life of David Murrel Lewis, 2nd Lieutenant U.S. Army Air Force, Killed in Action August 1, 1943, remains identified May 11, 2022, and ALL U.S. Mikan Veterans will be honored”.

After the benediction given by Rev. Cassie Wade, lunch will be served in the air-conditioned Kirby Memorial Center. Everyone is asked to bring the usual full meal with ample portions to be shared with others. The food will be arranged in buffet style with cups, plates, napkins, eating utensils, and water and iced tea being furnished. For those who still prefer Memorial Day lunch outdoors, space is available under the shade of the church’s large oak trees. Please bring lawn chairs and card tables so that you can enjoy the lunch and fellowship after the service.

Time will be provided at lunch and later during the afternoon for visiting – renewing old acquaintance and making new friends. Please make plans to attend the service to be held on the Third Sunday in July.

Members of the Board of Directors of the Old Saltillo Cemetery Association are Randy Agee, Ryan Agee Lou Briley Daniel, Vivian Dennis-Monzingo, Sara Wardrup, Kathy Whitten Patterson, Johnny McAfee, Kennith Patrick, and Lucas Dennis.

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