Local Rep Bryan Slaton May Face Expulsion After Release of Disturbing Report

May 5, 2023 – During the first working weekend session of the 88th Legislative session, members of the Texas House were presented with a report shortly after noon Saturday detailing the findings from the House General Investigating Committee. The report detailed that Slaton did not dispute allegations that he had sex wth a 19 year old aide as well as provided alcohol to the underage aide. The report also stated that Slaton did not express remorse or regret for his actions. The HGIC report indicated that Slaton’s attorney spoke to the committee and argued that the complaints should be dismissed as the location of the allegations occurred at Slaton’s Austin residence, not the workplace.

The five member House General Investigating Committee, made up of three Republicans and two Democrats, recommended that the 150 member Texas House exercise their right to expel Slaton from the House. The Texas House has not expelled one of their own members in almost 100 years. House Representative Andrew Murr (Republican) filed House Resolution 1542 which calls for a vote for Slaton’s expulsion. That vote would require a 2/3 majority from the Texas House.

District 2 Representative Bryan Slaton could also face criminal charges related to the incidents as the HCIC believe that Slaton committeed three Class A Misdemeanors including:

Providing alcohol to a minor,

Abuse of official capacity, which occurs when public servants violate a law relating to their office or employment, and

Official oppression, which can occur when a public servant “intentionally subjects another to sexual harassment.”

The House is scheduled to reconvene on Monday, May 8th, at 10 a.m.

Update: Hopkins County Republicans Call for Slaton’s Resignation

Author: Chad Young

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