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Hopkins County Hospital District Board Updates

May 17, 2023 – Hopkins County Hospital District discussed several items during their monthly meeting, some of these items were as follows:

Hopkins County Hospital District Website

The Hopkins County hospital district is set to have their own website in the next month or so allowing any who wish to search for information regarding the board the ability to do so. The website will also list price transparency for select hospitals within the area. Also the website will list the locations of use that is in use by the EMS department.


Members of the Hopkins County EMS team received a thank you note from the Winnetka Illinois Firefighters union Vice President Recognizing Riley James, Scott Bishop, Alex Spillman, Eric Marcum and Jeff Sanderson for rescuing their Family members. The EMS members Recued the Niece of the Winnetka Illinois Firefighters union Vice President’s wife as well as her cousin, resuscitating the two as they were being transported to Tyler for emergency care after an auto accident on the interstate. Currently their condition is stable and are making a recovery at this moment.

Carry The Load

Carry the load is a non-profit organization that provides active ways to connect Americans to the sacrifices made daily by our military, veterans, first responders, and their families. Hopkins County EMS will be hosting those who are participant in the event as their last rest stop before walking non-stop to Dallas, Tx. Those participant will be staying at the EMS house to rest before their walk to Dallas.

Outreach And Education

There have been 15 meetings since January 2023 with over 190 people being taught CPR STB and CRASE.


After twenty two and a half years of service on EMS, Carol Shaffer is celebrated as she retires from Emergency Services.

Author: Ethan Klein

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