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SSISD 27 Resignations, 7 New Personnel, and 9 Personnel Changes

April 19, 2023- Sulphur Springs ISD Board of Trustees met Monday April 10th. During their regular monthly meeting several personnel changes were announced. A total 27 employees resigned from the district, 7 new employees have been hired on and a total of 9 employees have had their positions changed.


  • Robinson, Lisa – Assistant Superintendent, Administration
  • Lamb, Michael – Superintendent, Administration
  • Ibanez, Cassie – SPED Aide, Bowie
  • Shearer, Stacie – Academic Specialist, Bush Primary
  • Loera, Carmela – HS 4 Teacher, Douglass
  • Mendez, Maria B – Headstart Aide, Douglass
  • Combs, Kimber – Title 1 Aide, Johnson Primary
  • Fierst, Erika – Grade 1 Math, Johnson Primary
  • Martin, Jady – Grade 2 Math/Science, Johnson Primary
  • Moore, Gracie – Grade 1 Math, Johnson Primary
  • Nix, Lori – Grade 3 ELAR, Johnson Primary
  • Rollins, Alesia – Music Teacher, Johnson Primary
  • Wiggins, Megan – Grade 4 ELAR/SS, SS Elementary
  • Figueroa, Itzel – Counselor, Travis Primary
  • Adams, Vallesha – Grade 6 Math, Middle School
  • Findley, Justin – Police Officer, Middle School
  • Foshee, Sandra – Educational Aide, Middle School
  • Garmon, Kylie – ELAR SPED Teacher, Middle School
  • Griffith, Carrah – Educational Aide, Middle School
  • Gutierrez, Nancy – Educational Aide, Middle School
  • Rozell, Cody – Teacher/Coach, Middle School
  • Stevens, Alison – Art Teacher, Middle School
  • Gebel, Lou – CTE Auto Teacher, High School
  • Mayo, Beverly – Nurse, High School
  • Ladd, Jamie – Counselor, High School
  • Moss, Elizabeth – English Teacher, High School
  • Shelby, Stephen – Ag Structures Teacher, High School

New Personnel:

  • Meisetschlaeger, Stacy English High School replacing Carla Baxley
  • Hill, Kassidi SPED Self-Contained Bush Primary replacing Leah Gore
  • Hartsell Wade, Christi Academic Specialist SS Elementary replacing Sasha Posey
  • Lenius, Brynna Grade 4 ELAR/SSSS Elementary replacing Lauren Price
  • Shipley, Ellen Grade 4 ELARSS Elementary replacing Megan Wiggins
  • Barrios, Saylor ELAR Middle School replacing Jill Crumo
    Evans, Madalyn Art Middle School replacing Alison Stevens

Personnel Changes:

  • Ditto, Sean, former position SPED Teacher/SSMS, new position Teacher/Austin, replacing Tamyla Hasbrouck
  • Wright, Kathy, former position Testing Coordinator/SSHS, new position CTE Director/SSHS, replacing Jenny Arledge
  • DeWitte, Marieke, former position Title 1 Aide/SSES, new position Math Intervention/SSES, replacing Melina Rivera Wilks
  • Geeslin, Laura, former position SPED Aide/RJP, new position SPED Aide/Douglass, Position moved to Douglass
  • Harris, Tissha, former position Grade 5 ELAR/SSES, new position Music/RJP, replacing Alesia Rollins
  • McKinney, Hayley, former position Grade 5 ELAR/SSES, new position Grade 3 ELAR/RJP, replacing Lori Nix
  • Daniel, Kendra, former position VI / Special Programs, new position VI / Special Programs, changing to full time
  • Crump, Jill, former position ELAR/Middle School, new position English/High School, through attrition
  • Thompson, Holly, former position Reading Spec/Johnson, new position English/High School, replacing Liz Moss

Author: Ethan Klein

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