Hopkins County Records – April 17

Land Deed Transactions for April 17, 2023

Ronnie Lee Collins and Susan Edwards Collins to Dixie Sickles and Hades Chase Sickles; tract in the A Caro survey

Lisa Guardian Cowen and Thomas Odell White to Thomas O Dell White Management Trust; tract in the Joseph Redding survey

James Lee Beck and Kimberly Ann Beck to Beck James Lee Co-trustee, Kimberly Ann Beck Co-Trustee and TJA Trust; tract in the Elizabeth Mitchell survey

Ricardo Chavarria to Oscar S Medina Marchante and laura Medina; tract in the Elizabeth Mitchell survey

Eldon Ford and Tony Ford AIF to Joshua Blake Boatman and Lauren Tye Boatman; tract in the WM H Moses survey

Melissa Beezley Harris and Rebecca Beezley Wix to James Devon Parmer and Pam Parmer; tract M A Bowlin survey

Chad Argenbright, Corey Argenbright and Candy Massey to Donna Argenbright; tract in the James E Hopkins survey

Corey Argenbright, Donna Argenbright and Candy Massey to Chad Argenbright; tract in the James E Hopkins survey

Chad Argenbright, Donna Argenbright and Candy Massey to Corey Argenbright; tract in the James E Hopkins survey

Linda C Blount and Ronald J Blount to Courtney Gail Allbritton and Jerry Wayne Blount; tract M A Bowlin survey

Janet Keir McAuliffe and Wayne Keith McAuliffe to Jason M Infantino and Lisa Infantino; tract in the Santiago Comarcho survey

Elmer Thompson and Maxie A Thompson to Jerry W Thompson and Ronnie Joe Thompson; tract in the WM Shaw survey

Nichol Fuentes and Oscar Fuentes to Jeremy Bennettt; tract in the George C Roberts survey

Deborah Abraham and Terry Abraham to Fatmir Cosic and Indira Cosic; tract M A Bowlin

Charlie Grantham to Morales Construction Enterprises LLC; tract in the R C Greaves survey

Opal J Evans to Frank M Torres and Janey E Torres; tract in the Hayden Arnold survey

Opal J Evans to Debra D Lanham; tract in the Hayden Arnold survey

Codi Reynolds to Charlotte McMullin and Marcia Mills; tract in the H D Parsons survey

Bettye G Thompson Beard and Don K Beard to Steven Derald Tolliver and Zandria Gabrielle Mims Tolliver; tract in the Henry Quirk survey

Bank Of America NA Trustee and J K Hughes Trust to Petter JJ Anderson, Robin A Brown, BSA CTX Foundation, Kyle Singer Canepa, Carolina Properies LLC, Stewart Carrell, Linda Perryman Evans, Linda Perryman Evans TUW, Williams J Fleischaker, Elizabeth C Ford, Mary Terrell Ford, John J Frishkopf, Linda Goldner, Gugenheim Asset Trust, Deborah S Lahti, Marion Morris Landers, Alexa Singer Laur, Austen John Laur, Lazy M Ranch LTD, Marcia Swesnik Lehman, Paul Mailhot-Singer, Helen Carrell Mann, Joan Mcilyar, Anne E Morris, George C Morris III, Penelope C Morris, Susan T Morris, John R Murrell, Joan Ford Pappas, Walter Lewis Perryman III, Andrea Singer Pollaxk Revocable Trust, Andrea Singer Pollack Trustee, Quagga Royalty LP, Scott & White Memorial Hospital, David Senior Trust, Senior Family Trust, Amy Singer, David P Singer Revocable Trust, David P Singer Trustee, Erik Alan Singer, Singer Family Living Trust, Jeb Senior, Marc Singer, Reid Teller Singer, Stanley H Singer Revocable Trust, Stanley H Singer Trustee, Stephen B Singer Living Trust, Stephen B Singer Trustee, Sue Singer Trustee, Timothy Goodman Singer, Singer/Simkin Family Company LLC, Hyla Swesnik, Betty Lu Williams Limited Partnership, Joel T Williams III Trustee, 2DFLY’S LLC; tract in the WM Teer survey

Doyle Wood, Margaret Wood and Michael Ray Wood Guardian to Donald Patrick Majewski, Donald Phillip Majewski and Jessica Kaye Majewski; tract in the Nacogdoches Univ survey

Anthony Santangelo and Carolyn Santangelo to Jose Rene Calidonia Gonzalez and Norma Liset Cano Pineda; tract in the Sarah H Norris survey

Madonna Clover Ewton to Scott Cooper and Lisa Cooper Skelton; tract in the A S Young survey

Alyssa Brook Hodges to Jennifer Cooper; tract in the A S Young survey

Jennifer Cooper and Lisa Katherine Cooper Skelton to Hooshang Rassaf; tract in the A S Young survey

Diane Lummus and Ron Lummus to Lummus Properties LLC; tract In the Elizabeth Melton survey

Lisa Marie Langston and Thurel Dean Langston JR to Lisa Marie Langston Co Trustee, Lisa Marie Langston Revocable Living Trust, Thurel Dean Langston JR Trustee and Thurel Dean Langston JR revocable Trust; tract in the N B Westerman survey

Margaret Ann Sargent Lozar and Mary Francis Jennings McMahon to James Scott McMahon and W D McMahon; tract in the Simon Derrick survey

North Texas Annual Conference Of The United Methodist to Gafford Chapel Church; tract in the John W Moore survey

Carol D Snyder and Diane Snyder to Carl D Snyder Trustee, Diane E Snyder Trustee and Snyder family Trust; tract M A Bowlin survey

Ronnie D Northam to Linzy Harland; tract in the James H Brown survey

Linzy Harland to Ronnie D Northam; tract in the James H Brown survey

Marriage License Application

Aaron Taylor Ball and Sydney Elizabeth Clagett

Dennis Ray Dodgin and Annelyse Marie Sallas

Garrett Quade Rhoades and Marissa Diane Randolph

Zachary Garrett Emmons and Taylor Paige Bolton

Fred Houston Fielden and April Denise Keen

Caleb James-Edward Brown and Medina Andrea Itze Juarez

Kenneth Wesley Smith and Joanna Lois Winn

William Acie Simmons II and Jeana Marie Baker

Todd Ray Parnell and Julie Ann Knight

Sebastian Gabriel Kitt and Delia Joy Baker

Tyler Cole Mitchell and Tegan Helene Landroche

Steven Scott Stelzer and Taeler Renee Duke

Author: Ethan Klein

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