Energy Department Moves Forward With Light Blub Ban

April 5, 2023- Beginning in August, Americans will no longer be able to purchase most incandescent lightbulbs, as LED lights are going to take over the lighting industry. LED lights are set to be the only purchasable lights across the nation, as an official ban on incandescent lightbulbs will be in full effect, in a move to more energy efficient alternatives.

Incandescent lightbulbs have been providing light in American homes since the 1880s, when Thomas Edison patented the bulbs. However, now that the nation is becoming a more energy-efficient society LED lights have become the norm.

The federal government’s warnings started in January and have been getting progressively more aggressive as they want to make sure Americans don’t go back in time. The government announced a ban on the manufacturing and selling of incandescent bulbs, saying it will help Americans save money and help the environment.

Halogen bulbs and compact fluorescent lights (CFL) will also be banned because of their mercury content.

Stated by the Department Of Energy, LED lights use 75% less energy than incandescent lights and last roughly 25 times longer.

Starting in July, the US DOE will make manufacturing or selling most incandescent light bulbs illegal.

Manufacturers who violate the ban could face a maximum penalty of $542 per illicit bulb. While the ban will be in effect soon, customers can still buy what is left of incandescent lights that are still being sold in stores. The majority of household type incandescent bulbs will fall under the ban, as those bulbs will not meet the new standard of how much light they put out (lumens) versus the amount of energy they use to produce that light. The new threshold will be 45 lumens per watt.

The DOE hasn’t totally banned all incandescent lights, just the ones most commonly used in homes and that are not energy efficient.

Author: Ethan Klein

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