Texas House Breaks Bill Filing Record, Texas Senate Comes Close

March 14, 2023 – In a wild finish to the 60-day, regular bill filing period of the constitutionally set 140-day Texas legislative session, Texas House lawmakers smashed their previous record of 4,836 bills filed in the 2009 regular session by filing nearly 5,300 bills by the close of business last Friday.

In the frenzy, some bill numbers were skipped and yes, there were even a few duplicates filed by the same author as well.

It appears Texas House members filed 5,295 bills in the regular bill filing period.

State senators nearly passed their record 2,566 bills filed in the 2009 session, but fell just short of doing so this year, filing 2,565 bills.

Lawmakers can still file bills this session, but the filing requires the approval of the bill author’s chamber.

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