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Sulphur Springs City Council March 7 Meeting

March 9, 2023- Sulphur Springs City Council met last Tuesday to discuss several items within their agenda. The members of the City Council called for the month of March to become Texas history month, to honor the great Texas heritage that we all share.

Ordinance 2827, a rezoning request by Scott Hemby was proposed to the court Tuesday. The rezoning property located at Azalea Lane and Hillcrest, identified as Lots 1, 2, Pt 10 Blk: 215-5, Addn: Highland Hills. The lots consisted of approximately 1.51 acres to be rezoned from Professional Business to Light Commercial. The members of the council required a super majority vote to approve the ordinance. A super Majority is where the Members of the council must have a 80 Percent approval vote to approve the item. The ordinance was denied on first reading due to the lack of a super majority vote.

Ordinance 2828, a zoning request by Oak National Development located on State Highway 11 W. to be zoned single family in response to a proposed annexation request for parcels R23108 and R29261. The land consists of approximately 281.664 acres. The rezoning would allow the construction of single family homes within the property. The City Council members voted and approved the Ordinance on the first reading.

City Council members voted to cancel the upcoming election for new members of the council. Tyler Law and John Sellers remain unopposed for the next ballot leading to the cancellation of the election and granting the two positions on the council. The city Council approved the motion to cancel the election and grant the two candidates positions on the council. Tyler Law will be replacing council member Doug Moore for seat 6 on the council, and John Sellers will be granted seat 7 on the council.

City Council members voted on and approved the purchase of a new Christmas tree for celebration plaza. This new tree in question will stand two feet taller than the last tree, making the height of the tree a grand 30 feet tall.

City Council members discussed Plat Case PL#230201 a request by J&K Wagoner Group to Plat 107 Ardis Street. The Council voted unanimously to approve Plat Case PL#230201.

City Council members discussed Plat Case PL#230202 a request by First National Bank of East Texas to plat two lots consisting of approximately 6.3 acres of land at the NE corner of Wildcat Way and S.H. 19. The members of the council voted upon the item and unanimously voted to approve the plat case.

Author: Ethan Klein

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