City Council Annexation of Property West Of Town

March 8, 2023- Sulphur Springs City Council met last night to discuss ordinance 2825, the annexation of 281.644 acres of property west of Stonebriar Neighborhood owned by Oak National Development, LLC, among other items within their agendas. During the meeting members of the council opened up the floor to members of the community to voice their opinion of the matter to the members of the council. However, no members of the community stepped forward to speak out against the annexation. Todd Winters a member of the engineering firm for the project stepped forward to answer any questions that may have been of concern to the council members. The Annexation of the property would lead to the development of single family neighborhood within the property

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The Sulphur Springs City Council reached a unanimous vote to approve the annexation of the property on first reading.

Outlined in yellow and blue is the proposed annexation property
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Author: Ethan Klein

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