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2023 CTE Final Feature: Family and Community Services

Editor’s Note: February is Career and Technical Education Month, a public awareness campaign to celebrate the value of CTE and the achievements and accomplishments of CTE programs across the country. To help Sulphur Springs High School celebrate CTE Month 2023, KSST has compiled short videos featuring a few of the CTE programs offered at SSHS.

Students interested in family and community services can take Debbie Stribling’s Principle of Human Services class.

The program has a wide-reach, including psychology, sociology, child development.

Practicum in Human Services, the highest level in the program that seniors take, allows soon-to-be-graduates to take the information they have learned over the past three years and apply it in the real world.

The SSHS instructor believes this is crucial to not only the learning experience, but also for the betterment of society at-large.

SSISD instructor Debbie Stribling as well as SSHS students Brooklynn Person and Kadence Nash all speak on the CTE featured program in an interview with KSST.

“I like to teach my students to give back to others, and to realize that there are other people out there who need help and assistance more than you do. And for that one person, you can change their world,” Stribling said last week in an interview with KSST.

The SSHS instructor said numbers in the program continue to grow under her watch, something Stribling hopes continues to increase due to the socio-economic climate.

“What we have seen in our society is that, especially in the last 3-4 years, [is] that we do need more human services employees out there and people out there willing to help other people with their problems,” the SSHS family & community services instructor said.

Some things students learn in the CTE-featured program is leadership skills. Another benefit to the classes is students having a completed resume ready to use going forward.

A big stressor in the program though is human relations, such as customer service relations and how to deal with people. Stribling said Thursday one of the things students were examined on is dealing with different scenarios in the human service industry, and how each student would relate to each one.

One of Stribling’s students, Kadence Nash, has put what she has learned to good use while in the program. At the practicum level, where she takes what she has learned and applies it in the real-world, has the SSHS student at Sulphur Springs Health & Rehab.

The Family & Community Services instructor has been told that folks there love the SSHS student.

Stribling advises any students interested in a career in helping others, “Whether that be working in cosmetology, whether that be working in funeral homes, nursing homes… that they give this a try, just enroll in the class. If you find out that the course isn’t right for you, you will still learn some valuable leadership skills and real-world work skills that will help you in the future.”

Brooklynn Person, an SSHS student enrolled in the program, knew she wanted to be involved with family & community services because she loves to help people.

Another student and senior in the program, Kadence Nash, echoed Person’s sentiments and said she looks to be a psychologist or working at CPS (Child Protective Services) once she enters the work force.

Nash quickly signed up for the program upon realizing what all the work would entail, as well as the ability to be off-campus. Interning at SS Health & Rehab, getting valuable life-experience, and the ability to put this work on her college resume are all big selling points for the senior.

Nash works with the activities director at the nursing home.

Both students recommended the program. Kadence Nash said its a great learning experience and looks good to colleges.

While there is no certification currently for the program, Stribling is actively working to move towards that goal.

The SSHS instructor said that would more than likely involve students working on the computer in a program that each tester would have to go through doing modules and taking a test.

If students taking the exam pass, once the high school acquires the right to certify these students, would make those who pass legally certified as a human service worker in the state of Texas.

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Author: Ross LaBenske

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