SNAP Recipients Will Lose Their Pandemic Boost And May Face Other Reductions By March

SNAP recipients nationwide will stop getting pandemic-era boosts after this month’s payments, the Food and Nutrition Service announced.

The emergency allotments provided an additional $95 or the maximum amount for their household size — whichever was greater.

The announcement stated “SNAP emergency allotments were a temporary strategy authorized by Congress to help low-income individuals and families deal with the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic.” They’re ending now because of Congressional action.

Nearly half of the households that use SNAP also receive Social Security, and Social Security is the most common source of income for SNAP households. Most of those households should expect to see further reductions in their SNAP benefits by March. Some Social Security households may lose their SNAP eligibility altogether.

“When Social Security or any household income goes up, SNAP benefits may go down, However, the households will still experience a net gain, as the decrease in SNAP benefits is less than the increase in Social Security benefits.” the announcement stated.

Author: Ethan Klein

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