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Rep. Slaton Issues Statement On House Committee Chair Appointments

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Today, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan announced committee appointments for the 88th legislative session. Representative Bryan Slaton was appointed to the County Affairs Committee and Defense and Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

Despite overwhelming calls from voters and grassroots across the State to stop the practice of appointing Democrats to committee chair positions, Speaker Phelan appointed eight Democrats to committee chairmanships.

In response to today’s committee appointments, Representative Slaton said the following:

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“Today the Texas Grassroots experienced some victories. Our push took Democrats from 13 chairmanships down to 8. The pressure from the grassroots led to Democrats not being appointed as chairs to key committees such as Public Education and Pensions & investments.

Unfortunately, Speaker Phelan appointed some very radical Democrats to chair committees handling our criminal justice system and the family courts as just a few examples. Today’s partial win has invigorated many of us to continue our pressure until we have zero Democrats chairing committees in the Texas House.

I look forward to working with the grassroots to help pass the other seven legislative priorities of the Texas GOP this session.”

Author: Ethan Klein

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