NETLA Friday Show Kicks Off With Poultry

The NETLA Hopkins County Junior Market Livestock Show 2023 Poultry Contest lead Friday’s activities. Youth filled the arena with pens, buckets, boxes and other containers filled with the chickens the students raised. As the judging of the chickens commenced, cattle was being brought in the other end of the arena in preparation for their time to be judged. Local Hopkins County Extension Agent Mario Villarino was on hand to oversee the festivities and told KSST News that this year’s show and sale is bigger than ever and running smoothly thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers.

This community cares about others, coming together in force time and again to help others, and especially children’s causes. The Junior market Livestock Show and Sale helps young people to become conscientious, caring and responsible adults. NETLA provides youth with the incentive, learning opportunity and business experience to grow into future community leaders for this county. Raising animals also teaches responsibility, results on their actions, and opportunities to succeed – often requiring personal and monetary sacrifices

Author: Ethan Klein

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