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Airplanes And Coffee Aviation Event

Feb. 20, 2023- Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport will be hosting Airplanes and Coffee on Saturday, March 4 from 8:30am to 12:30pm. Airplanes and Coffee is a free community aviation event for all current aviators and aspiring aviator enthusiasts to come down and meet other aviators from all over to come down for coffee and donuts.

Airplanes and Coffee is a country wide aviation group who fly to airports all over the country for Coffee and Donuts. Airplanes and Coffee is a non-profit organization that wants to create a community where current aviators and aspiring aviation enthusiasts can come together in a welcoming environment to learn about and encourage more people to pursue their dreams of flying and becoming involved with aviation.

Actions Airplanes and Coffee has taken so far:

  • 25 Free Public Fly-In events with as many as 150 plus airplanes and 600 plus people in attendance
  • Over 180 Free Discovery Flights Given at our Fly-ins
  • 9 Aviation Scholarships Awarded and 2 more in process
  • Additional outings such as renting out an entire theater and filled it with 56 people to see the new “Top Gun Maverick “.

Airplanes and Coffee’s future goals are:

  • Bigger and better.  Expand our fly-ins to Nationwide… with more entertainment, food, and of course…AIRPLANES
  • Expand our website to serve as a source of information for people looking for information on how to get involved with aviation, including Q&A.
  • Provide more scholarships 
  • Provide more FREE discovery flights

For more information contact:

John Naugle:   469-278-3039  (cell)   [email protected]

Russ Keith:  817-800-7877  (office phone)    [email protected]

Mike Roberts:  [email protected]

And if you have a business that would like to become a sponsor of Airplanes and Coffee, email your information at [email protected]

For more information of Airplanes and Coffee click here: Airplanes & Coffee

Click here for map of Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport

Author: Ethan Klein

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