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Hopkins County Records — Dec. 30, 2022

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Land Deed Transactions

Deed Record books at Hopkins County Clerk’s Office
  • Debra Lanette Stinson, who is also known as Debra Lanette Stinson Stribling and Debbie Stribbling, and Ronald Bruce Stinson to Circle E. Western Store Inc.; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Daniel Keith Davis II to Alan Screws and Kim Screws; tract in the William Ewing survey
  • Amber Nichole Ford to Amber Nichole Ford, Marcus Alexander Ford and Ronnie Miller; tract in the Agaton Caro survey
  • Joe D. Jennings and Patricia R. Jennings to Danny Jennings and Savana Jennings; tract in the Edward McLaughlin survey
  • Mary Denise Camarillo and Jose Luis Alvarez Martel to Trusty Trailers and Construction LLC; tract in the E. Lindley survey
  • Gary Paul Hudson and Kathryn Houston Hudson to Gary Paul Hudson and Lisa M. Hudson; tract in the LP Dike survey
  • Dona Kay Cruz to Thompsy Ted Hoover and Peggy Jo Hoover; tract in the Samuel Chandler survey
  • Rose E. Veasey, independently and as trustee for the Rose E. Veasey Revocable Living Trust to Collyn Eddins and Paul Eddins; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Billy McIllwain and Nancy McIllwain to Fatmir Cosic and Indira Cosic; tract in the John A. Winn survey
  • Oscar Aguilar to Frog LLC; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Stella J. Bagley to Lanequia Bryant and Lonnie Ray Bagley Jr.; tract in the Nacogdoches University survey
  • Deborah S. Ochoa and Rene A. Ochoa to James Hampton; tract int he RC Graves survey
  • Merida Mabe Estate, Susan Mabe independent executor, to Earl Hollingsworth and Judy Hollingsworth; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • J&K Wagoner Group LLC Series E to Chelsey A. Brown and Marshall J. Brown; tract in the E. Melton survey
  • Nancy Beth Grimes to Heather Roxane Grimes; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Atascosa Real Estate Group LLC to Brad Busby and Kinde Busby; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Bradley James Mitchell and Cathy Rae Mitchell to Clovis Duane Mitchell; tract in the SW Hough survey
  • Jack A. Gold and Nancy Dee Gold to Patrick William Gold; tract in the Antonio Lazarin survey
  • David Owens to Ronald Arellano; tract in the John S. Bowen survey
  • Bank Of America NA Trustee for Stephen Marshall Stewart Trust No. III to Stephen Marshall Stewart; tract in the Isaac Friddle survey
  • Harriett Fletcher to Johnny Ray Gibson; tract in the WB Stout survey
  • Margie Bolin and Thomas H. Bolin to Cecil Lawrence Going; tract in the Thomas Lee survey
  • Hazel Petros Dominguez and Jose Luis Dominguez to Javier Flores Camacho; tract in the James N. Hill survey
  • Michael Anthony Thompson to Michael Anthony Thompson trustee for the Michael Thompson Revocable Trust; tract in the E. Burkham survey
  • Marsha F. Tornn and Timothy R. Tonn to Helen Brennick
  • Kason Childress, Kris Childress and Lisa Childress to Dejauna Curtis and Brandon Mizell; tract in Oak Grove Addition
  • Jeff R. Massey and Priscilla F. Massey to D’Angelo Investments LLC; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Lawrence S. Pollock III to Kitrala Ranch LLC; tract in the Winnie Jewell survey
  • Gary Blake Johnson and Lindsey Johnson to Jarret Russell Teel and Rachel Morgan Teel; tract in the J. Darnell survey
  • Timothy Joseph Power to Johnnie L. Campbell; tract in the G. Harrison survey
  • Korth Trust Dated August 3, 2022, Robert H. Palmer as second trustee and Valerie L. Palmer first trustee, to McIlrath Properties LLC; tract in the Nacogdoches University survey
  • Gonzalo Mejia and Lilly Mejia to Alexandra Michele Adams and Cheve Michael Adams; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Chase Poe, Independent administrator for the David Kyle Poe Estate and the Patricia Poe Estate, to Kelli Williams and Toby Williams; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Barbara J. Jetton Estate, Penny Jetton independent executor, to Penny Jetton and Pamela Morris; tract in the E. Melton survey
  • Emmett Wayne Butler Jr. and Joshua Edwards to Lindsay Renee Butler; tract in the Henry A. Reel survey
  • J & R Stevens Investments LLC to Santos Acosta; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Rachel Bartlett, formerly known by Rachel Baxter and Rachel Williams, and Quade Baxter to Texas Triad Homes LLC; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Maria D. Romero to Arnoldo Romero Ortiz; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Harvey L. Dodd to Lanny Ricahrd Dodd and Layna Leann Royer; tract in the Levi Landers survey
  • B.S.H. Inc., BSH Inc., Sam L. Sevier and Kirby D. Horton to MMVE Property Management LLC; tract in the E. Melton survey
  • Daphne Heiney and Rex W. Haney to Stephen Wesley McCullough and Deores McCullough; tract in the Maria J. Santos Coy survey
  • Charolotte Hinton Nelson to Van Jennings; tract in the O. Barb survey
  • Bobby Joslin and Judy Joslin to Cody Clawson and Kayla Clawson; tract in the O. Barb survey
  • Andrea Resendiz, Bianca Resendiz, Noemy Resendiz and Nora Resendiz to Darrian Henson and Neida Resendiz; tract in the John Norris survey
  • Kimberly Ann Holmes to Tony R. Dickey and Diane Carole Sears; tract in the S. Norris survey

Applications For Marriage Licenses

  • Phillip Bonn Rater and D. Angela Danielle Godbolt
  • Michael Joe McPherson and Kimberly Lorrain Perry
  • Zachary Andrew Haywood and Cassidy Makayla Rogers
  • Jose Jesus Alvarez Tovar and Sonia Gomez Tapia
  • Zachary Scott Hunter and Viviana Vazquez
  • Freddy Botello and Rebecca Lynn Carnes
  • David Gary Breault and Johnitta Janel L. Shepard
  • Pepper Le Koonce and Trinity Lee Ann Jenkins
  • Kevin Dale Tutt and Tiffany Lynn Ball
  • Jaylon Devon Perry and Linzi Lane Phillips
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Author: Faith Huffman

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