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64 SSHS Students Inducted Into Gladys Alexander Chapter Of NHS

Sixty-four students at Sulphur Springs High School met the requirements and were inducted into the Gladys Alexander Chapter of the National Honor Society during the annual ceremony held earlier this week in the school cafeteria. Fifty-five additional students were recognized as two-year members of the chapter.

SSHS 2022 NHS Induction Ceremony

The SSHS Honor Society Chapter is named in honor of Gladys Alexander, the teacher who not only founded the organization in 1940 but also the Student Council, and aided in the organization of the Lee Willis Chapter of the Future Teachers of America. She taught band, drill team, football, Latin, English, history and almost every subject except agriculture. She retired in 1961, but her contributions to education didn’t end there. She became a substitute teacher and taught summer school after retirement. In 1966, the SSHS National Honor Society Chapter was named after Gladys Alexander to honor the tradition of excellence in academic she started at the school.

President Lausen Ost, Vice President Madelyn Sherman, Secretary Lexi McCoy and Treasurer Mali Maeker conducted the Dec. 5, 2022 induction ceremony, each lighting candles to symbolize the organization’s purposes:

  • To create enthusiasm for scholarship,
  • To stimulate a desire to render service,
  • To promote leadership, and
  • To develop character in the students of secondary schools.

The chapter motto is noblesse oblige: nobility obligates. Members of NHS are obligated to behave honorably, generously and responsibly to others.

New members were recognized. They also took the NHS oath, pledging to uphold high purposes, be true to the principles NHS stands for, to be loyal to the school, and to maintain and encourage high standards of scholarship, service, leadership and character. Each received a certificate from Chapter Advisor Renee Maeker, shook hands with Principal Josh Williams and signing their name into the official chapter record book.

Inducted into in the Gladys Alexander Chapter of the NHS were the following students:

  • Joseline Arenas
  • Jayden Arledge
  • Madelynn Bailey
  • Peyton Ball
  • Kody Barclay
  • Coen Bell
  • Makieya Boren
  • Addison Bradley
  • Talley Brown
  • Landon Burkett
  • Chloe Cameron
  • Rylie Carroll
  • Levi Caton
  • Betzy Chacón
  • Austin Chaney
  • Carter Charlton
  • Asia Chen
  • Kylie Clarke
  • Zoe Crump
  • Cooper Faircloth
  • Axel Garcia
  • Juan Garcia
  • Maria Garing
  • Anely Gaspar
  • Lily Glenn
  • Jaci Haire
  • Celeste Hernandez
  • Payton Hooks
  • Jordyn Huckabee
  • Kate Hurley
  • Kylah Latham
  • Jessie Li
  • Lorelai Lilley
  • Bridger Mayhew
  • Logan McCain
  • Kathryn Monk
  • Jacqueline Monroy
  • Ivan Mora
  • Holden Moss
  • Natalie Negrete
  • Katlyn Noe
  • Emerson Penny
  • Tomi Pirtle
  • Annaston Price
  • Emmi Price
  • Caroline Prickette
  • Jolene Reed
  • Ty Robinson
  • Osvaldo Rodriguez
  • Brook Seagraves
  • Haylee Shultz
  • Emily Soto
  • Catherine Starzyk
  • Alexis Tanton
  • Alan Tellez
  • Chelino Manuel Tellez
  • Daphne Valles
  • Alexis Villarino
  • Kami White
  • Anna Williams
  • Aubrey Williams
  • Macey Williams
  • Peyton Willis
  • Jolee Wilson
Members inducted into the Glady Alexander Chapter of the National Honor at SSHS during the ceremony held Dec. 5, 2022, in the high school cafeteria

Recognized Monday night as two-year members of the Gladys Alexander Chapter of the National Honor Society were:

  • Jayla Abron
  • Carlos Alba
  • Lithzy Alvarez
  • Jack Bain
  • Mattie Bridges
  • Brylee Brock
  • Aubrey Camacho
  • Nick Cantillo
  • Luke Caton
  • Artesia Cheak
  • Matthew Clarke
  • Alexander Cooper
  • Catherine De La Rosa
  • Daniel Elam
  • Miley Fisher
  • Andres Flores
  • Jonah Foster
  • Kinley Friddle
  • Colbie Glenn
  • Martha Gonzalez
  • Makayla Grinnan
  • Cole Haney
  • Jadyn Harper
  • Zoe Haywood
  • Hector Hernandez
  • Ashland Hooten
  • Laney Hurst
  • Jillian Jumper
  • Chloe Kerns
  • Lynn. Branson
  • Mali Maker
  • Kamilah Martinez
  • Alexis McCoy
  • Trentin McKinney
  • Mykylie Meador
  • Matt Mitchell
  • Ryan Mitchell
  • Lausen Ost
  • Ella Ray
  • Jose Manuel Rodriguez
  • Mattye Schmidt
  • Brooklynn Shackelford
  • Madelyn Sherman
  • Robert Smith
  • Sallee Spraggins
  • Rebekah Stanley
  • Isabelle Thesing
  • Danielle Verlander
  • Briley Vice
  • Addisyn Wall
  • Parker Whisenhunt
  • Merrin Williams
  • Olivia Worth
  • Jocelyne Yañez
  • Khira Young
Two-year members of the Gladys Alexander Chapter of the National Honor Society were recognized during a ceremony Dec. 5, 2022, in SSHS cafeteria.

Author: KSST Contributor

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