Alliance Bank in Sulphur Springs

Symphony League Auction Item: Birthright Catered Meal

A catered Dinner for 20 will be up for grabs going to the highest bidder at the Annual Symphony League Auction. Their food is wonderful, I mean it.. Like take a half day off work the next day so you can eat all the leftovers before your wife and kids get home kinda wonderful.

We know there is no food pictured. It’s too soon for them to make the food. You must wait till the 19th to purchased the food, then let them know when you want to pick it up. It takes weeks to make all that food, Don’t be so food impatient.

This year’s auction will be held on November 19, 2022. The auction will be streamed, live via YouTube. As always, you can submit your bids by calling in. There is still time to submit your donation to the auction, contact Linda G at her office (903) 439-6713. Cake.

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