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Nov. 8 Election Results For US, State and District Offices

Hopkins County voters selected the same candidates as the overall state, federal and district winners on Nov. 8, 2022. However, each victor won by more than 80% in Hopkins County, and all are Republicans.

Pat Fallon Congress
Pat Fallon (R), US Rep. District 4

In Hopkins County, 12,212 voted in the District 4 United States Representative race, with 10,105 votes (82.75%) cast for incumbent Pat Fallon, 1,799 (14.73%) for Democrat Iro Omere and Libertarian John Simmons’ 2.52% of votes in the county. Across District 4, a total of 255,366 ballots were cast for the District 4 US Representative 170,466 (66.76%) voted for Fallon, 78,865 (30.88%) for Omere and 6,035 (2.36%) for John Simmons.

Governor Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott (R), Texas Governor

Of the 12,321 votes cast in Hopkins County in the Governor’s race, 10,208 (82.85%) voted Republican Greg Abbott to serve another term, 1,984 (16.1%) voted for Democrat Beto O’Rourke, 102 (0.83%) for Libertarian Mark Tippetts and 27 (0.22%) voted for Green Party candidate Delilah Barrios. Statewide, however, Gov. Abbott received 4,424,776 of the 8,072,188 ballots cast in the governor’s race, giving him an 11.02% lead. O’Rourke received 3,535,621 votes (42.8%), Tippetts 81,629 votes (1.01%), Barrios 28,508 votes (0.35%). The two write-in candidates for governor also received less than 1% of votes for Governor; Jacqueline Abernathy received 1,163 votes and Mark Goloby 491 votes.

Dan Patrick (R), Lieutenant Governor

Republican Dan Patrick finished ahead of the two challengers for another term as Lieutenant Governor. Patrick received 4,305,731 votes (53.81%) state-wide, but carried Hopkins County with 80.98% of votes. Democrat Mike Collier received 3,474,476 votes (42.42%) statewide, and 2,123 votes (17.29%) in Hopkins County. Libertarian Shanna Steele received 221,522 votes (2.77%) across the state and 212 votes (1.73%) in Hopkins County.

Ken Paxton (R), Attorney General

Ken Paxton finished ahead of the two challengers for the office of Attorney General. The incumbent Republican received 4,267,081 votes (53.48%) state-wide and 9,976 votes (91.44%) in Hopkins County. Democrat Rochelle Mercedes Garza received 3,479,377 votes (43.6%) state-wide and 1,984 (16.2%) in Hopkins County. Libertarian Mark Ash received 289 votes (2.36%) in Hopkins County and 232,939 (2.92%) across the state.

Glenn Hegar (R), Comptroller of Public Accounts

Glenn Hegar lead the race for Comptroller of Public Accounts by more than 15%, with the Republican incumbent receiving a total of 4,483,841 votes (56.45%) statewide and 10,187 votes in Hopkins County (83.4%). Democrat Janet T. Dudding finished with 3,248,166 votes (40.89%) statewide and 1,832 (15%) in Hopkins County. Libertarian V. Alonzo Echevarria-Garza received 195 votes (1.6%) in Hopkins County and 211,466 (2.66%) across the state.

Dawn Buckingham (R), General Land Office Commissioner

Republican Dawn Buckingham came out ahead of the three other candidates for the office of Commissioner of General Land Office, receiving 4,451,218 votes (56.21%) from across the state and in Hopkins County she received 10,151 votes (83.61%). Democrat Jay Kleberg came in second with 3,333,093 votes state-wide (42.09%) and 1,885 (15.53%) in Hopkins County. Alfred Molison, Jr., receive 105 votes in Hopkins County (0.85%) and 132,553 (1.67%) state-wide. A total of 1,822 Texans voted for write-in candidate Carrie Evelyn Menger for General Land Office Commissioner, which is 0.02%.

Sid Miller (R), Agriculture Commissioner

In the election for Agriculture Commissioner, Republican Sid Miller received 4,467,293 votes (56.38%) and Democrat Susan Hayes received 3,456,106 votes (43.62%). That includes 10,219 voters (83.69%) who chose incumbent Miller and 1,991 (16.31%) who chose Hays in Hopkins County.

Wayne Christian (R), Railroad Commissioner

In the election for Railroad Commissioner, incumbent Wayne Christian received 4,388,791 votes (55.42%), including 10,084 Hopkins County residents (92.85%). Democrat Luke Warford received 1,800 votes (14.79%) in Hopkins County and 3,206,750 (40.49%) state-wide. Libertarian Jaime Andres Diez received 207 Hopkins County votes (1.7%) and 238,701 (3.01%) across the state. Green Party candidate Hunter Wayne Crow received 85,215 votes statewide (1.08%), including 80 ballots (0.66%) cast in Hopkins County.

Debra Lehrmann (R), Supreme Court Justice, Place 5

Of the 7,927,760 ballots cast across Texas for Place 3 Supreme Court Justice, Debra Lehrmann finished ahead with 4,452,606 (56.16%); in Hopkins County the Republican incumbent lead with 10,109 (82.94%) votes. Democrat Erin A. Nowell finished with 3,313,670 votes (41.8%) state-wide, including 1,896 (15.56%) votes in Hopkins County. Libertarian Thomas Edward Oxford received 161,484 votes (2.04%), including 183 ballots cast in Hopkins County (1.5%).

Rebeca Huddle (R), Supreme Court Justice, Place 5

Incumbent Place 5 Supreme Court Justice Rebeca Huddle received 4,518,207 votes to Democrat challenger Amanda Reichek’s 3,389,042 votes. That put the Republican Huddle up 57.14% to Reichek’s 42.86%, statewide. In Hopkins County, 10,323 voted for the incumbent (84.02%) and 1,946 (15.98%) for the challenger.

Evan Young (R), Supreme Court Justice, Place 9

Republican Evan Young finished ahead of challenger Julia Maldonado for Place 9 Justice on the Supreme Court, 56.46% (4,462,343 votes) to 43.54% (3,440,852 votes). The incumbent received 10,206 votes (83.83%) and the Democrat challenger 1,969 votes (16.17%) in Hopkins County.

Scott Walker (R), Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, Place 5

Incumbent Scott Walker received 57% of the ballots (4,500,846 votes) cast in Texas in the Place 5 Court of Criminal Appeals Judge race and Democrat Dana Huffman 43% (3,395,995 votes). The Republican received 83.7% (10,175 votes) and challenger 16.3% (1,981 votes) in Hopkins County.

Republican Jesse F. McClure III received 4,513,071 (57.27%) votes and Democrat challenger Robert Johnson 3,367,069 (42.73%) in the race for Place 6 Court of Criminal Appeals Judge. The incumbent received 10,162 votes (83.73%) and challenger Johnson 1,975 votes (16.2%) in Hopkins County.

Pam Little, (R) State Board of Education, District 12

While Pam Little received 10,024 (82.5%) votes in Hopkins County, the Republican garnered 398,688 votes (61.09%) at the state level in her bid for reelection to District 12 State Board of Education. Democrat Alex Cornwallis came in second for the seat with 235,161 votes (36.03%), 1,859 (15.3%) of them cast in Hopkins County. Libertarian Christy Mowrey received 18,599 votes (2.85%), 267 (2.2%) from Hopkins County. Write-in candidate Rosiland Davis received 191 votes (0.03%).

View full Election Results by clicking Hopkins County Election Results, and visit the Election Information or Secretary of State’s Office for voting totals and results.

Author: KSST Contributor

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