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Jack Russell Terriers Headed to Civic Center

Once again the SWJRTN (Southwest Jack Russell Terrier Network) Club is glad to be back at the Hopkins County Civic Centre for the annual trial, November 12th & 13th.

The trial is primarily for Jack Russell’s but other terriers and other breeds of dogs are welcomed and encouraged to come out and compete. In the morning there is straight track racing, both flats and hurdles. It’s a fast and exciting time for the dogs and the people watching. While Conformation is going on inside the arena there’s a number of other events the dogs can enter. Lure Course is a running event where a dog, running alone, chases a lure on a big, circular track. Trailing & Locating and Brush Hunt are two events where the dogs have to use their noses to find where the quarry is hidden. Go-To-Ground and Super Earth are events that simulate hunting. The dog goes into tunnels that have turns and obstacles in them to find a quarry that is at the finish line. We have a great set of tunnels that have a plexiglass front so people can see the dog running through it. It’s wildly popular with spectators. These events are all timed and it’s amazing how fast the dogs can get through to the end.

The SWJRTN Club has enjoyed coming to Sulphur Springs and the Hopkins County Civic Centre for many years. We want to thank the management of the Hopkins County Civic Centre and the city of Sulphur Springs for being such great hosts.

Author: KSST Webmaster

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