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Close Finish For Sulphur Springs ISD Bond Proposition Election

North Hopkins, Saltillo, Miller Grove Elect Trustees To School Boards

The election for the Sulphur Springs ISD bond proposition was a close finish, with 50.6% of district voters casting ballots against Proposition A and 49.4% casting ballots in favor of the proposed $81.5 million bond. Voters in Saltillo, North Hopkins and Miller Grove also selected their choices to fill school board seats as well.

It should be noted that all election results are considered unofficial until canvassed by the elected entities for the various races.

Sulphur Springs ISD

Voters within Sulphur Springs ISD were asked to vote either for or against Proposition A, the issuance of $81,500,000 of bonds for facilities improvements and purchase of school buses, and levying an additional 1-cent tax to pay for it.

According to the preliminary voting results reported after all voting boxes were in and ballots counted, a total of 3,901 SSISD voters cast ballots against Proposition A, 132absentee ballots, 2,489 during early voting and 1,280 on Election Day. Another 3,809 voters cast ballots in favor of Proposition A, 114 absentee ballots, 2,541 during early voting and 1,154 on Election Day. Overall, that’s 50.6% of the total ballots cast in the SSISD bond election against the proposal and 49.4 for it.

This was the second bond proposal SSISD voters were asked to consider this year. In May, 1,191 voters cast ballots against and 956 voters cast ballots for a $93 million bond bond proposition. That’s 55.47% against and 44.51% in favor of the bond, pretty closely mirroring early voting and absentee voting percentages as well.

North Hopkins ISD

Voters in North Hopkins ISD were asked to choose up to three of the four candidates seeking one of the three full-term seats on the school board. Because the election is at-large, the three candidates receiving the most votes will be elected to the school board.

Charles C. Vaughn received 462 votes. Vaughn received 231 during the early voting period, 10 absentee ballots and 221 votes on election day, giving him 35.7% of the total votes, securing one of the three at-large seats on NHISD Board of Trustees.

Brian A. Lewis received 317 votes in the Nov. 8 trustees election. Lewis received 154 votes during the early voting period, eight absentee ballots and 155 votes on Election Day. That put him in second place in the election with 24.54% of the total ballots cast for NHISD Board of Trustees election, securing one of the at-large seats as well.

Sherry Smiddy Clair secured the third at-large seat with a total of 273 votes or 21.13% of the total ballots cast in the NHISD school board election. Clair received 151 votes during the early voting period, 11 absentee ballots, and 111 votes on Election Day.

Michael S. James wasn’t too far behind with 240 votes — 116 during early voting, two absentee ballots and 122 ballots on Election Day. At 18.58% that wasn’t enough to secure a seat on the board during the Nov. 8 election.

NHISD also had one unexpired term seat to fill. Robert McPherson was the only candidate to file for election so the seat goes to him. With no opponent, McPherson still received 580 votes, according to the voting totals released for Hopkins County Tuesday.

Miller Grove ISD

Miller Grove ISD Hornet

Voters within MGISD were asked to cast ballots for up to three candidates for full-term, at-large seats on MGISD Board of Trustees. Voters for MGISD did have the option to write-in a fourth candidate, Collin Alexander.

Although MGISD is located primarily in Hopkins County, a small portion of the southern end of the school district is located within Rains County, requiring elections in both counties. Neither county reported any results for the write-in candidate.

Brandon Darrow received 35.59%, Bret Garrett 34.49% and Ray Sparks, 29.2% of the total votes cast in the MGISD Board of Trustees Election in Hopkins County. In Rains County, Sparks lead with 36.59% of the total votes cast in the election, with Darrow and Sparks each receiving 31.71% of the total ballots cast for MGISD Board of Trustees, according to the unofficial cumulative election results posted reported by both Rains and Hopkins counties.

Darrow received a total of 389 ballots in Hopkins County — 184 during early voting, six absentee ballots and 199 on Election Day — and 13 votes in Rains County — one absentee ballot, four early votes and eight votes on Election Day. Garrett received 377 votes in Hopkins County — 176 during early voting, seven absentee ballots and 194 on Election Day — and 15 votes in Rains County — one absentee ballot, four early votes and 10 votes on election Day. Ray Sparks received 147 early votes, four absentee and 176 on Election Day, giving him a total of 327 votes in Hopkins County; and one absentee ballot, three early votes and nine votes on Election Day, giving him a total of 13 votes in Rains County.

Saltillo ISD

Saltillo ISD held an election fNov.8 for 4 four-year places on the school board.

Ryan Garmon was unopposed for Place 2 and Barry Brewer drew no opponent for Place 4, so they were certified to serve in those seats.

Places 6 and 7 drew two candidates each, however.

When all ballots were in, Mason Littrell won Place 6 on Saltillo ISD Board of Trustees with 64.04% of the vote to Josh Redar’s 35.96% . Littrell received a total of 244 votes to Redar’s 137 votes. Littrell also lead in early voting, receiving 88 votes to Redar’s 53 votes. Each candidate also received six absentee ballots.

Jason Tully won Place 7 on Saltillo ISD school board, receiving 245 votes to Phillip Alcorn’s 146 votes. Tully received eight absentee ballots, 92 ballots during early voting and 145 ballots on Election Day, Nov. 8, 2022. Alcorn received three absentee ballots, 53 ballots during early voting and 88 votes on Election Day. Overall, that put Tully ahead with 62.66% of the total votes cast for Place 7 and Alcorn 37.34%.

Hopkins County, 8th District

Among the certified unopposed incumbent candidates for county and precinct offices in Hopkins County, include the following Republicans:

  • County Judge — Robert Newsom
  • County Court At Law Judge — Clay Harrison
  • District Clerk — Cheryl Fulcher
  • County Clerk — Tracy Orr Smith
  • County Treasurer — Danny Davis
  • County Commissioner Precinct 2 — Greg Anglin
  • County Commissioner Precinct 4 — Joe Price
  • Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 — BJ Teer
  • Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 — Brad Cummings

Author: KSST Contributor

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