Hopkins County Records — Oct. 22, 2022

Applications for Marriage Licenses

The following individuals filed applications for marriage licenses at Hopkins County Clerk’s office Oct. 10-21, 2022:

Record books at a clerk’s office
  • John Kalman Dingman and Dharma Kay Reeves
  • Soane Haamoa Moimoi and Jessica Ann Chester
  • Cristian A. Romero Rivera and Marissa Adams Figueroa
  • Rolando Solis and Heather Renee Brown
  • Daniel Thomas Todd II and Samantha Kay Caskey
  • Cameron Cody Townsend and Jessica Evangel Wilkinson
  • Paul Ray Dungan and Christy Ann Schumacher
  • Koby Dale Hume and Mallory Michelle Morris
  • Brandi Janette Schultz and Jamie Lee Bermudez
  • Stephen Michael Roberts and Lauren Elizabeth Milam
  • Michael Don Evans Jr. and Kelley Osornio
  • Dillion Paul Dooe and Kaylee Brook Julia Nowell
  • Kenneth Dale Horn Jr. and Jenny Lanay Horn
  • Alejandro Velasco and Emily Duran
  • Richard Hale Horton III and Mackenzie Patricia Rhoades
  • Christopher Jose Sherwood and Cynthia E-Hotekaoy Cumbie
  • Anthony Deion McGill and Kaylee Jane Alford
  • Cameron Cody Townsend and Jessica Evangel Wilkinson


The following filed land deed transactions from Sept. 26-30 with Hopkins County Clerk’s Office, which had been posted Oct. 20, 2022:

Record books at Hopkins County Clerk’s Office
  • Marilyn Hoffman to Marilyn P. Hoffman Revocable Trust, Marilyn P. Hoffman trustee; tract in the Jose Y’Barbo survey
  • Hopkins Development LTD to Lakewood Property Investments LLC, SRN Properties LLC, Sulphur Springs KTFW LLC and Walnut Property Investments LLC; tract in the MA Bowlijn survey
  • Balbina Romero, Elidia Romero, Javier Romero, Jose L. Romero and Juan Romero to Judy Romero and Noe Romero; tract in the James Webb survey
  • Miramontes Properties LLC to Chris Talmadge and Timothy Talmadge; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Kason Childress AIF, Kris Childress and Lisa Childress to Frans Feijen Family Living Trust, Frans Feijen trustee, Jeanette Feijen Family Living Trust, Jeanette Feijen trustee; tract in the E. Melton survey
  • Louis Ardis and Patsy W. Ardis to Gloria Jean Bradley and Mark Christian Bradley; tract in the Nacogdoches University survey
  • Kevin James Pennington and Shannon Ray Pennington to Robert A. Zielinski and Sue A. Zielinski; tract in the CA Galbreath survey
  • Bertha Anne Sparks and William A. Sparks to Nina Sparks Sallee; tract in the ED Chinneth survey
  • Bertha Anne Sparks and William A. Sparks to Stephen Sparks; tract in the ED Chinneth survey
  • Ellen C. Flowers to Sharon Autry and William Autry; tract int he Robert Earp survey
  • Bryan J. Carter and Shakeatha D. Carter to Jennifer Teer Young and Robert Dell Young; tract in the Maria Santos survey
  • Charles Barkwell, independent executor for the Melverine Barkwell Estate, to Texas Mutual LLC; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Texas Mutual LLC to SM Family Holdings LLC; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Amanda Cunningham, who is in fact Amanda Cunningham Martin and Amanda Cunningham Gonzalez, and Brian Shadwich, and Brian Shadwich Martin who is Chad C. Martin, to Brinda Peterson and Lee Peterson; tract in the Elisha Simmons survey
  • Joshua Harris Houston and Cody Williams and Kemia Williams; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Brian D. O’Connor to Baily O’Connor; tract in the Lee Thomas survey
  • Quicken Loans Inc. FKA Quicken Loans LLC and Rocket Mortgage LLC to Federal National Morgage Associations; tract in the John F. Keller survey
  • Chasity Drees, Kathy Markel, Wade Markel, and Casey Misalek to Debra Kirchoffner; tract in the Sarah H. Norris survey
  • Barbara Blair to Joe Mack Gober and Nona Fair Gober; tract in the Elizabeth Melton survey
    Carolyn Renae Walker to Kim Marie Keller; tract in the Elizabeth Mitchell survey
  • James Rodney Kller and Kim Marie Keller to Carolyn Renae Walker; tract in the Elizagbeth Mitchell survey
  • Courtney Clemmons and Jeff Clemmons to SM Family Holdings; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Maria Gayle Elliott to Michael Cody Elliott; tract in the William A. Grady survey
  • Casey S. Duke, David B. Monty, Angela Sue Little and Patricia Adale Powers to Marissa Angel Martinez and Nikolaus Scott Robertson; tract in the Sarah Norris survey
  • Alan Screws and Kim Screws to April Elizabeth Newson and Micah Joel Newton; tract in Cedar Springs Addition
  • Keith A. Johnson to Billy Scott Norris and Lori Luann Norris; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
    John Heilman to Buddy Dunn who is also known as Thomas Dunn and Mary Dunn who is also known as Susie Dunn; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Buddy Dunn who is also known as Thomas Dunn and Mary Dunn who is also known as Susie Dunn to KSBR Real Estate Holdings LLC; tract in the

Author: KSST Contributor

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