Representative Slaton: Texas Public Medical Schools Are Teaching Child Gender-Modification

News Release — Aug. 24, 2022

District 2 Rep Calls For An End To “Bogus And Harmful Medical Practices”

GREENVILLE, TEXAS – After a series of information requests made by the Office of Representative Bryan Slaton, it has been confirmed that child gender modification and other transgenderism practices are being taught in some Texas public medical schools. Several schools have admitted transgenderism was in-fact being taught to medical students, at the expense of the taxpayer, Slaton’s office stated in a news release Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2022.

Bryan Slaton, Texas District 2 Representative

Representative Slaton commented, “Repeatedly, the people of Texas have been told ‘this kind of thing isn’t going on in Texas.’ And yet, the exact opposite is true. Not only are young children being subjected to barbaric gender-modification practices like surgeries and puberty-blocking drugs on a daily basis, but these practices are being taught to the next generation of doctors in some of our public medical schools.”

Just a few examples include UNT’s Pharmacy 7205 class which requires students to “learn advanced skills in the provision of pharmaceutical care to the LGBT persons.” UTMB Galveston admitted drugs such as testosterone, estrogen, spironolactone, and finasteride have been administered for gender-transition purposes within the context of an internal-medicine clerkship and endocrinology elective. UT Southwestern’s “Adolescent and Young Adult Transgender Care” course requires students to have “an in-depth educational experience working with transgender youth and adults,” including “offsite experiences,” and direct engagement with the notorious GENECIS clinic and their protocols and materials. UT Southwestern also admitted “students may have observed mastectomy or breast augmentation procedures related to gender transition,” and “students may have observed physicians prescribe and/or administer puberty suppression therapy or hormonal therapy,” and “patient counseling” all in relation to gender-modification, the news release stated.

Slaton further commented, “The revelation that some of these practices are being taught in public medical schools is abhorrent. Additional investigation into these medical schools should be done so that the people of Texas can have an even clearer idea of what their tax dollars are supporting. No one in their right mind believes that surgically removing healthy body parts and ingesting an unnatural amount of hormones and drugs is the right answer to a mental condition. I am calling for a swift end to these bogus and harmful medical practices, and look forward to my colleagues joining me in this common-sense fight.”

Author: KSST Contributor

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